Democrats still America's certifiably fake party

Almost everything about the Democratic Party is fake. You might not know this, because the party has almost always been covered for by our Fake News Media.

The candidates the Democrats run are Fake Americans! They either have not-born-here problems or don’t-like-it-here problems. Their positions on issues are Fake, but like the Fake News Media that covers not them – but for them – the candidates are experienced and expert liars. Even their Republican opponents often turn out to be Fake.

The “problems” that Democrats find with America that “need fixing” are nearly all made up and fake. But having conjured up a problem, Fake Democrats are equally certain that their Fake Solutions will never fix their Fake Problems. But one thing they are certain of, Fake Problems produce real budget money allocations to fix. The money always passes through corrupt political hands on its way to “fixing” the non-existent fake problem. What is left over is never enough to fix the now even more desperate Fake Problem. Rinse and repeat, America. How long before you get it?

Any time that Democrats feel threatened by polling for an upcoming election, they develop a Fake Problem with that upcoming election. Oddly enough, any upcoming Fake Problem with the election can be solved to the Democrats’ satisfaction with extended voting times and expanded mail-in voting. Works almost every time. Fake Elections to elect Fake Americans to solve fake problems. Fake American voters electing Fake American Politicians to solve Fake Problems with Real Taxpayer Money. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, one thing that could possibly go wrong would be if the Republican Party followed in the Democratic Party’s swampy footsteps and became its own RICO-wannabe organization. At that point America wouldn’t have Fake Elections, they would have a Fake Government, much like the USSR had before President Reagan toppled it with his little finger. Corrupt people don’t much care where their money comes from or who gets hurt or which train cars run off the rails along the gravy train’s path. Their only concern is, “Will I get mine?” for continuing to play along?

Corruption is a rot that spreads everywhere once it takes hold in government. In the end, the government and sometimes the nation collapses upon itself.

I wish there was an easy prescription for removing corruption, but there is one telltale key that accompanies it: Those who either are corrupt or are planning on joining in on the party ordinarily believe they are responsible to no one. Put another way, the corrupt are godless.

There are two ways to rectify this problem. Godly people can rise from the wreckage and effect the cure, provided they have the support of others who understand the problem and want it fixed. In our case it would be godly candidates and voters.

The second solution is when God becomes so upset at the persecution of the godly, and the sins of the corrupt, that He chooses to act. The most extreme version of this was during the flood of Noah’s time. The second was the Egyptians who sought to hold their Israeli slaves and pursued them even as the winds reversed and the Red Sea closed in over them. Even a cursory reading of the Old Testament indicates that God having reached the limits of what He will tolerate sometimes skips the granularity phase of action. If you don’t read the Bible, check your homeowners insurance policy for the phrase “acts of God.”

The fact is, there is no insurance against acts of God, and they can cover a pretty broad swath of both humanity and the earth. The flip side of these acts of God are revivals, where multitudes of people suddenly become aware of God’s existence, love and judgement, sometimes in one single act.

Things happen in the spiritual side of life first, folks. If you are unaware or not attuned to the spiritual side of life, you will miss the clues of what is coming. One of the keys in knowing what to look for is how children are treated, because Jesus was kind enough to tell us the fate of those who have used children for their own devices (Matthew 18:6). Don’t be one of those people, and don’t be involved in an institutional capacity, either.

I wish I could tell you that understanding what an act of God in our modern age will look like is as easy as wandering into a church in your area and listening to the pastor’s sermon. Not only would you not learn much of value, but the Bible tells us that judgement begins at the House of God. Churches and those who attend them would never have let our culture reach this point if they understood this.

The strange thing about God is that He still believes that we are the best thing He has ever made! You can start by reading His words in the Bible, and He will likely begin to speak to you in that “still small voice” the he has reserved for humanity. Too often we simply listen to our own self-conversations. At this point in history, God is the only one who won’t lie to you.

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