Democrats' takeover agenda includes plot to turn suburbs into cities

A report from the Gatestone Institute is warning that President Biden wants to blow up the suburbs in America, installing sometimes towering apartment buildings in the rows of homes, all in the hopes of turning them into reliable sources of votes for his Democrat party.

The Institute staff interviewed Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter for The Daily Wire, who has reviewed Biden’s infrastructure plans and found “a little-notice provision” that targets suburbia and is a “political power-grab.”

The focus is on the conditions that Biden insists be applied to coming federal grants to towns and counties, conditions that include specific permission for multifamily housing, restrictions on minimum lot size and more.

Rosiak explained under the president’s strategy, duplexes and apartments “could be built in the middle of any suburban neighborhood, and there is nothing you could do to stop it.”

“A housing project could be built next door to your home. One-acre lots could be subdivided to cram in as many houses as possible. If you bought into a neighborhood of one-acre lots and enjoy a bit of privacy, your neighbor could soon be able to sell his acre to a real estate developer who could put eight buildings on it,” he pointed out.

The purpose would he, Rosiak explained, to accommodate those would believe in climate change, and to implement multifamily housing to fight “climate change, racial injustice, and the nation’s growing affordable housing crisis.”

He said the Biden administration wants “poverty” to be “spread out” across the nation so it’s more “equitable.”

“They claim that cities are undesirable places to live because they are crowded, hot, and lack nature, so it is unfair that people have to live there. Ironically, their solution seems to be to make more of them by cutting down trees in the suburbs and putting up tall buildings. They also claim it will help the environment because if Americans live more densely, they are more likely to take mass transit and use fewer cars.”

There are several layers of problems, he said, because if someone wants to live in a city they already have that option. As for others, they are actually choosing these days “to [move] even further out in the country.”

Second, local governments know their own community needs best, which is why there are those local governments to set policy and zoning.

Rosiak explained Biden has pushed for federal dictation of such policies because the president thinks local rules “perpetuate discrimination.”

He explained the motive can be traced to politics and the insistence by Democrats that Democrats be in control.

“Most cities, and most low-income people, vote for Democrats. For politicians, this means that if you can make the countryside into cities, in 10 years, everyone will be voting for only one party. In fact, one of the best predictors of how a person will vote is population density. If you live on an acre or more, you are probably a Republican, and if you live in a high-density area, there is a good chance you are a Democrat,” he said.

“Many voters will be furious, but to the politicians, that will not matter: the new residents are sure to give one party the majority it wants. That is what the infrastructure bill conditions are really about: securing a one-party control of government,” he said.

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