Democrats: The sick, twisted party

No one other than desperate politicians like school shootings. That’s because desperate politicians have no solutions to the problems they were actually elected to fix. All they care about is retaining political power for their continued personal wealth enhancement. The entitlement mentality begins at Dem headquarters.

School shootings distract voters from political failures and renew our politicos’ wet dreams to govern a nation where only those in power have firearms (or where they control police and others who do have firearms). Thus dissent is erased, protests abolished, and everyone (at least in the Dems’ sick, twisted minds) loves them. What they have done for the First Amendment with censorship they are itching to do for the second with confiscation.

School shootings don’t occur because some well-adjusted kid received a firearm as a gift, or bought one, if he was old enough to do so. They do happen because unwell, maladjusted children obtain a firearm and act out their latest sick, social media or family-based fantasy to gain more sick, twisted, friends and followers in the packs they run with. Why, pray tell, must good people have their freedom abolished so that sickos can run wild in society while Dems run the country?

The schools themselves seem eager to grow the number of sick, twisted souls amongst the student population. They lob their favored little confusion bombs into the classroom from the safety of adulthood and union-guaranteed public employment: boys are girls, men get pregnant, and Fedzilla’s Transportation Honcho can be on maternity leave to “breastfeed” his new baby, while big media fawns all over him. No wonder there is a baby formula crisis! Mr. Preggos isn’t driving his truck anymore.

The Democrats really are the party of fake problems, which only they can solve, with their fake solutions. Their pronouncements and edicts trump human nature and Nature’s God. Cheating is necessary in every election, because otherwise Dems would never win any elections. And without fake, manufactured problems taxes could be lowered and deep-state corruptocrats starved, instead of the entire population.

Where real men and women are killing each other in real wars, our sick, twisted Dem politicians seek not solutions, but exploitation. Their voters (real or fake) lap it all up like it was God’s own Truth. If the Dems, politicos or voters within the party were ever to discover God’s own Truth, they would all be walking around in sackcloth and ashes, repenting for their lives and lies and begging for God’s forgiveness, so that they could avoid the eternal fires of Hell – which is the destination they are taking all of us.

Not convinced? Ask yourself how anyone could survive sicko Hollywood celebrities pushing their fantasies into our faces – violent video games that celebrate death and destruction – lying politicians, teachers and other authority figures, and then expect the children to emerge out the other end of childhood into adulthood without dragging their broken psyche with them, wherever they go.

The solution isn’t to “fix the kids” so much as it is fix the schools, the parents and the internet’s social media cesspool for making celebrities of broken children that the few have exploited to obtain wealth and power over the rest of us.

Democrats always want to control victims instead of holding evil people accountable for their actions. Dems don’t want to govern; they want to be kings and queens who rule over adoring serfs.

Well, bleep you, Dems! It ain’t gonna happen. This is God’s universe. He’s still on the throne, and you are not – and you never will be. God is not subject to you; you are subject to Him. God is not impressed with your lies, your fraud, or your deceit. He sees your secret meetings. He hears your allegiance to your false gods. And he knows your thoughts and plans. He is not impressed. He will do what He must to preserve and prosper his creation of the earth and humanity. He has already warned you in his Word: “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” Your ill-gotten gains are meaningless to Him. Repentance is the only currency He recognizes.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol 4, Armageddon Story by Craige McMillan

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