Dems launch blitz to promote congressional plans for huge taxes, big spending

(Image courtesy Pexels)
(Image courtesy Pexels)

Congress passes legislation and the president signs it, and it’s law in America.

Of course, those pronouncements can be challenged in the courts, but generally the debate on the issue is over.

So why, when Joe Biden recently signed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act,” did administration officials immediately fan out across the country to promote it?

And why are special interest organizations spending $10 million to praise it, and trying to convince voters that there’s nothing better for the nation than its provisions?

It’s because, according to a commentary in DC Enquirer, if voters see the huge cost – the probable increase in inflation, the huge tax increases and the massive government spending without the benefit of an ad company’s distortions – they might not like it.

And might not vote for those who spent all those billions, and imposed all those billions in new taxes.

The publication pointed out that even Politico, a leftist publication, has conceded that letting the predicted “Red Wave” of GOP election victories develop would end up with a “wipeout” for Democrats.

“Politico published a piece early Thursday morning, admitting the fact that Democrats are potentially headed for a ‘November wipeout’ come the midterm elections, and highlighted how much money liberals are willing to spend to mitigate the potential red wave on the horizon – which is seemingly headed straight for them,” the commentary said.

“The article referred to the so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act,’ as ‘landmark legislation’ which Democrats are now trying to jam down voters’ throats,” it said.

Democrats already were facing headwinds in their election efforts because of the near double-digit inflation under Joe Biden, $5 or $6 a gallon gasoline, although those prices have retreated in some places recently, the recession the nation now is battling through, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, in which America lost, at a minimum, billions of dollars in war machinery, and more.

Not the least of these is Biden’s apparent battles with a mind that is finding it harder and hard to stay on point.

The commentary explained leftists in Climate Power, the League of Conservation Voters and Future Forward USA Action are planning to spend $10 million on ads to “bolster the legislation.”

League spokesman Pete Maysmith insists that voters have to be told “aggressively” that the Biden legislation actually is good for the nation.

“Politico even went to far as to compare the passage of Biden’s recent agenda items to that of ObamaCare, and how the result was a historic GOP win across the board in reply. It’s also noteworthy to highlight that after the 2010 red wave, Obama would never have the chance to work with a fully Democratic Congress for the remainder of his presidency. In fact, the House, Senate and local races swung even further right as a result of his policies,” the commentary explained.

At that election, Democrats lost 63 federal House seats and six Senate seats, amounting to a Republican landslide.

In November, even if only handful of House seats change from R to D, and at least one more R is added in the Senate, the GOP would be the majority in both houses, effectively ending any opportunity for Biden to do anything significant.

Politico noted the Biden administration dispatched “cabinet officials” immediately after the Inflation Act vote to fan out across the country and “stump for it.”

And the Politico report documented how a Democrat official insisted that spending lots of money was the secret to gaining support for the tax-and-spend scheme.

The official said, “You have to sell it through ads.”

Already, $10 million is being spent for those.

The Politico piece itself admitted that Democrats have been “bad” as selling their messages in the past.

They cited ObamaCare’s nationwide takeover of health care decision-making.

“There was no campaign to win the win,” charged Lori Lodes, executive director of Climate Power.”

And she said critics then spent millions revealing the details of the socialist-type creation.

Politico noted, “Even as Democrats lean into their legislative accomplishments, the fundamentals of the election are bleak. Biden’s approval ratings are stuck in the low-40s and inflation, though ticking down slightly, remains high. And breaking through to voters is a tough task, evidenced by recent polling that found only a quarter of voters were aware that Democrats passed a $550 billion infrastructure package last year,” the report said.

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