'Did any of us ever need the mask?': Now NBC shreds vaccine narrative

John Mulaney and Kate McKinnon star in a skit mocking the official COVID narrative on Feb. 27, 2022. (Video screenshot)
John Mulaney and Kate McKinnon star in a skit mocking the official COVID narrative on Feb. 26, 2022. (Video screenshot)

A skit on NBC’s longtime comedy program “Saturday Night Live” is echoing across the nation this week as it openly mocks the official COVID narrative of the Biden administration and Big Tech regarding masks and vaccines.

“Did any of us ever need the mask?” asks comedienne Kate McKinnon in the skit.

Titled “COVID Dinner Discussion,” the sketch opens with six friends thrilled to be out dining maskless in public again after some two years of coronavirus-related lockdowns. WATCH:

At one point, comic Heidi Gardner mentioned a Bloomberg article about mask-wearing that heightened the tension at the dinner table.

“It was just saying how mask mandates had, I don’t know, little to no effect on COVID,” she said.

“I am sorry! It’s not like I’m anti-mask or anything. I just sometimes wonder if any of the things we did actually helped.”

The accuracy and mixed messaging of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control were also skewered.

“The science changed!” Aidy Bryant said while defending the seemingly psychotic changes announced by the CDC.

Her dinner partner Kenan Thompson replied: “How does science … change? When I make a mistake at work I don’t get to say the science changed.”

“Look, I went to a child’s birthday party, self-careful,” McKinnon explained, “and they did gymnastics in masks … (don’t) and then they went into another room and took off their masks to eat pizza – this is the end of me – so did they really need the mask or no? DID ANY OF US EVER NEED THE MASK?”

John Mulaney targeted vaccines and booster shots, as he asked, “Did I have to dump my oldest friend because he didn’t get a booster?”

“It’s a valid question that many of us have been asking for years,” noted Amanda Harding at the Daily Wire.

“The memo went out, and now it’s apparently acceptable to question mask wearing and even, shockingly, whether people hesitant to get vaccines should be condemned.”

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