Disney's gone full 'woke' … bye-bye, Mickey

I don’t know about you, but I’m not at all ready for a “woke” Mickey. Still, look for Mickey and Minnie to become increasingly androgynous and indistinguishable in the coming days. The male and female characteristics they were so intentionally designed with under Walt Disney are apparently “oppressive” and so yesterday.

If you think I’m exaggerating, Disney corporate executives have clearly left a trail of breadcrumbs as to where they’re headed next. Corporate President Karey Burke tweeted just this week that she’s raising two “queer children” as she refers to them, insisting that 50% of Disney characters from now on be “LGBTQIA+ or minority.”

You do have to appreciate how such clever individuals cover themselves by throwing the word “minority” into about every laced-with-moral-outrage sentence. If I were an actual minority, I would be offended. But that word trick suggests she has the moral authority to call you a bigot or racist if you disagree with her. And is it me, or is the new and expanding “minority” acronym getting longer every year? But I digress …

Having lived in the Hollywood hills near Disney headquarters for several years, I would expect nothing less from the company’s thoroughly modern and progressive president at this point. It’s truly a religion unto itself there. Equally, CEO Bob Chapek embarrassingly caved to staff protests in front of his offices for rightly deciding to stay out of state-level politics. But as rainbow-colored signs carried by his employees pointed out to him, the “bigot” was responsible for Disney’s many egregious “human rights abuses” by not inserting the company into the debate over legislation passed by Florida legislators and signed into law by a duly elected governor.

During the days of Walt Disney or any other responsible CEO willing to man up and hold his ground on a reasonable executive decision, such an act of willful insubordination by employees would have been followed by a flurry of pink slips. It would not have been rewarded with a pathetic apology and concession to a mob of his own workers. He has earned Disney’s precipitous falling stock price. (Sell, sell, sell, if you own.)

Speaking on behalf of Disney, Mr. Chapek suddenly has an awful lot to say about a very popular bill that’s supported by over 70% of Floridians. One that simply empowers parents to have a say about when their small children get to learn about genitals, hormone treatments and sex change. One would think of all places this would be acceptable in the kid-focused Magic Kingdom.

But no longer. This ignominious fall from grace for a once respectable Hollywood-based, family-oriented entertainment company was sadly all too predictable after going full “woke.” And now they are actively working to grease the skids on the nightmarish slippery slope our once “Nation Under God” finds herself on.

Tragically, we’ve had to learn the hard way that America has chosen the wrong culture curators. We errantly placed a high level of trust and confidence in dysfunctional Hollywood types to shape our culture and our personal lives through ubiquitous entertainment. You know, the types who will use the disproportionate power of celebrity to indignantly slap you in the face at the first perceived offense to their ever-changing set of “values,” figuratively or literally.

Scripture puts it this way, “Confidence in an unfaithful man is like a broken tooth or a foot out of joint.” Well said. The next Disney CEO would do well to post that over his or her desk along with a placard stating, “The buck stops here. Like it or leave it.”

Placing confidence in the increasingly dysfunctional discernment of Hollywood has predictably betrayed American culture and the nations that once looked to us as a Shining City on the Hill. Certain among them even feel increasingly justified calling us “the great Satan” as entertainment executives double down on their commitment to reeducate children around the world.

And lest you think they find virtue in all of this, let me correct the record. They are doing all this for profit believing it the populist movement du jure. Let me explain.

Call it the “greed-is-good syndrome.” MTV’s boardroom of moral relativists was one of the first entertainment companies to decide that throwing your kids under the bus along with the values America once held dear in exchange for obscene levels of profit was a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Even a PBS special at the time entitled “The Merchants of Cool” said of MTV and its corporate advertising enablers that they were collectively “guilty of grabbing kids below the belt and reaching for their wallets.” Again, well said.

However, there’s another verse that comes to mind for those eager to sell out your kids to line their pockets and buy homes in Beverly Hills: “If you harm one of these little ones it would be better for you if a millstone be tied around your neck, and you be cast into the sea.”

But in a fast-moving, post-modern, “Hollywood culture” that places little to no value on life, there isn’t time to contemplate such eternal consequence. If a child makes it past the deadly battle zone that has become the womb and into a publicly funded classroom, Disney now insists parents should entrust politically, ideologically driven strangers to talk to them about their genitals and sexual orientation before they are comfortable doing so. My, how the innocent little mouse has fallen. And if you think it’s bad today, just wait a year.

Thankfully, the still-thinking majority in America has awakened from its temporary stupor and is fed up with soulless, “woke corporations” setting the standard by which the rest of us must live, or else. It will come as no surprise to you that such soulless corporations learned a long time ago that sex sells. So, count on them being willing to cash in on every possible variation they and their like-minded, cultural-wrecking-ball cohorts can dream up. If you think it’s bad today, just wait a year.

Likewise, we’ve had it with a nakedly self-serving political class that pretends to “protect” entirely new classes of sexual “minority” constituents while feigning outrage over the majority’s Judeo-Christian values. No protection for you, I’m afraid.

It’s rightly said that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man rules. Lord willing, we are no longer wandering blindly about thinking we can’t possibly change what companies like Disney have been doing to our families in America. The truth is, you hold all the cards and just happen to be the productive class. Even soulless politicians and corporations need your vote and your hard-earned money. Please visit 2ndvote.com for a list of companies that don’t hate you and the values you hold dear.

On that note, spoken as the granddad of two very young Americans, I’ve canceled my Disney subscriptions and any plans to visit their theme parks this summer. In good conscience I can no longer enable the tormented executives who are trying to steamroll families with absurd and culturally destructive ideas.

Bye-bye, Mickey, we’ll miss you – the Mickey you were, I mean. Maybe one day you’ll recover from your cultural insanity, and we’ll be able to enjoy you and the missus once again. Oh, and Disney executives, the Fairy Godmother was always a woman. Don’t you remember?

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