'Domestic terrorism' lies in the eye of the beholder

Three recent developments across the nation clearly underscore a threat reality the administration of President Joe Biden seeks to ignore as it, unsurprisingly, prefers to promote political propaganda over truth.

The first development ended late the evening of Saturday, Jan. 15, in Texas after Muslim terrorist/British citizen Malik Faisal Akram, 44, took four hostages at the Colleyville synagogue earlier that day in a 10-hour standoff with police. Akram had said over the phone to someone on the other end, “There are hostages in the synagogue who are going to die. … What are you crying for?” That comment may well have sealed Akram’s fate by making his intentions known about his victims’ fate, triggering a hostage rescue team (HRT) into action. Meanwhile, neither the White House nor the FBI acknowledged Islam’s history of anti-Semitism as reason for targeting Jews for whom it seeks global annihilation.

The event had a happy ending as police confirmed the outcome, “the HRT … breached the synagogue, they rescued the … hostages, the suspect is deceased.”

Akram’s immediate objective was to seek the release of Aafia Siddiqui, known as “Lady al-Qaida” and once on the FBI’s most-wanted list. She was convicted in 2010 of attempting to kill Americans in Afghanistan. Educated in the U.S. as a neuroscientist, including at MIT, all that went for naught as she was sentenced to 86 years in prison, serving it out in a U.S. Air Force prison near Fort Worth, Texas. Jewish lives were an expendable price Akram was willing to pay to achieve this objective, although Biden, unwilling to acknowledge the motivational role of radical Islam, talked about guns. Adding to the effort not to blame Islam even after Akram’s objective was disclosed was Michigan’s Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel who ridiculously expressed her grave concern – lacking any evidence to do so – that the motivation may have been white supremacy. Further investigation has now determined the incident was an international terrorist conspiracy.

The second development involved the National School Board Association (NSBA).

As is now known, the NSBA had quietly worked behind the scenes with President Joe Biden’s secretary of education, Miguel Cardona, to write a letter to the secretary suggesting parents criticizing school agendas posed a terrorism danger. These agendas included the teaching of the anti-white curriculum known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) as well as COVID-19 protection policies. (Cardona’s covert participation is now being investigated by the Senate.)

Rather than accepting a parent’s right to question what their child is taught and how health concerns are addressed, the NSBA wrote, “… these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.”

Upon receipt, Cardona then sent the letter to the Department of Justice (DOJ), which directed the FBI to assist local law enforcement in using federal laws to crack down on parent protests. The letter’s intent, obviously, was to create a chilling effect upon parents unhappy about school curriculum.

Once the NSBA/Cardona/FBI collusion was brought to light following a Freedom of Information request, the Washington Post noted the devastating financial impact the letter was having on the NSBA having shot itself in the foot. NSBA’s clandestine effort to label concerned parents as domestic terrorists had now put the organization “at risk of total collapse.” The Post explained:

“Nineteen mostly GOP-led states have withdrawn from the association or promised to when this year’s membership expires, and six members of what was a 19-person board have left. Several states are discussing forming an alternative association for school boards. A new executive director of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) is working to save the organization, lobbying individual states to reconsider, but so far he has not persuaded any of them to change their minds.”

The third development involved the DOJ’s announcement that it was forming a special terrorism unit prioritizing domestic over foreign activity – i.e., “extremist anti-government and anti-authority” terrorist activity. Was this unit being formed due to the organized and mostly violent protests of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa? Was this unit being formed due to the terrorist activities of lone wolf Islamists? Was this being formed to address a recent Taliban threat to send thousands of suicide bombers into America or Iran’s threats against U.S. government officials? No. The unit’s creation was purely political, evidenced by the title given the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing announcing its establishment – “The Domestic Terrorism Threat One Year After January 6.”

Republicans at the hearing were quick to note the “wildly disparate standards” DOJ used in pursuing participants in the 2020 multi-month BLM/Antifa-organized riots and the Jan. 6 event. Comparatively, while DOJ has arrested and charged 725 people in connection with the latter four-hour riot, only 250 people were arrested in connection with the former riots, which went on for a year.

The three developments above underscore some realities: When Muslim terrorists act against American Jews, it is not a gun control issue but rather one of Jews being radical Islam’s historic target of choice; parents expressing concern about liberal school agendas are not domestic terrorists; and establishing a special FBI unit to investigate disgruntled parents unhappy with liberal school agendas for their children misdirects the focus of domestic terrorism from an existing threat to a non-existent one. It is irresponsible to do what Nessel did above concerning the first reality, attempting to obfuscate truth by raising a false white supremacist motivation. The FBI has now issued a warning to faith-based communities they will undoubtedly remain the targets of domestic Muslim terrorist violence.

It appears what constitutes domestic terrorism lies in the eyes of the beholder.

In 1801, the Battle of Copenhagen pitted the English and Danish fleets against each other. Early in the battle, the British commander, believing he was losing, raised a signal flag for his subordinates to “break off action.” But one of his subordinates, Vice Adm. Horatio Nelson, felt victory was attainable. Therefore, when the flag to retreat was pointed out to him, a defiant Nelson – who was blind in one eye–put his telescope up to that eye, claiming he saw nothing, continuing to fight.

Sadly, liberal Democrats today pull a “Nelson,” placing a telescope to a closed eye when it comes to recognizing domestic terrorism. For Nelson, a blind eye brought him victory; for Democrats, a closed eye will bring them defeat.

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