Don't look for the aliens in D.C. to save you

The aliens touched down a long time ago in America. They landed in Washington, D.C., disguised themselves as humans and have been running things on behalf of our Congress within that few square miles of dirt over which they have exclusive governance, known affectionately as the District of Corruption.

In the beginning the Founders reluctantly agreed among themselves that the new federal government needed its own sovereign spot of soil from which to conduct its legislative operations, just like many other governments. The idea was that the new federal government would not be beholden to the state in which it resided, and that no state would gain undue influence over other states by hosting what has ultimately become the Fedzilla of today, employing untold millions of people.

Given this, our Congress, which sits within that patch of ground, bears full responsibility for governing this alien utopia. If you’d like to see what the rest of the nation would look like if our Congress had central government control over all 50 states, just hop into your car and take the family for a visit to D.C. Then you will understand the genius of our Founders making the federal government a creature of the states, and carefully limiting its operations.

Be careful what you say while you are in D.C., though. Don’t go as a family to protest the results of an election that you question (you know, the First Amendment redress of grievances thing). From the reports I’ve seen, that family would have been arrested, separated and individually held without bail in third-world conditions for urging Congress to take a closer look at the possibility of election fraud. We don’t treat illegal aliens who have invaded our nation like that in any of the 50 states. But where Congress has direct control over the results, our elected representatives reserve that treatment for U.S. citizens.

The District of Corruption is a sick, sick place. Congress can still be recovered, but it’s not going to be a walk in Fort Marcy Park. The good news is that Fedzilla is still a creature of the states, all 50 of them. Parents and citizens in red states are demonstrating that control can be regained and the state’s focus changed when grassroots pressure is applied to state government.

Don’t forget the counties that reside within the state, either. They often have more power than you imagine. Letters from citizens that are never read by state officials are opened and carefully studied when they are signed by county commissioners. State officials know that county officials are closer to the people than they are.

Maybe that county commissioner should be you? Or maybe you could volunteer to be a research assistant to a commissioner who wants to do the right thing, but needs some further study to make his or her case at an upcoming meeting. That commissioner might actually be looking for a replacement to him or herself on down the line.

There are a lot of things that need to be fixed in our states. From Fedzilla’s perspective, this probably looks like sā€“t rolling uphill. It’s about time they saw that. The aliens in D.C. have never understood the concept that they are beholden to the states. Too busy making D.C. Nirvana on the Potomac, I suppose. A few things to fix:

  • There is no excuse for money coming from one state to affect the results of elections for senators and representatives in another state. That’s a primary way the oligarchy gains control. Election cycles make the bought, stay bought.
  • There is no excuse for allowing national teachers unions dictate educational policy across the nation, or to close schools and still expect their members to be paid. If education is funded locally, it must be controlled locally. Parents, wake up!
  • Big Tech’s back has to be broken. They were from the beginning an illegal domestic espionage tool Fedzilla wanted to use to control citizens and elected officeholders. And let’s face it: Social media tools succeed the most when they appeal to the worst parts of human nature.
  • Big Media must be broken up. In Ben Franklin’s day media was the printing press, and there were lots of them, run by individual printers. We need lots of small media outlets, not one brain-dead conglomerate that takes its marching orders from the powers that be (or want to be).
  • Big Education must be returned to the local level. If local citizens are paying for the education system, they damn well can control what is taught there.

I’m sure you have more. Throw them out here into the light of day.

The message from America’s District of Corruption is quite clear isn’t it? Don’t come into our country and tell us how to do things! We run this hell hole. You may have some say in the states around here, but in here we are the law and we will do unto you whatever we please!

This is just an historical observation, but using fear to govern people ā€“ especially those people who believe they are free ā€“ is a dodgy exercise from the very beginning. It didn’t work for the Crown in England, and it’s not going to work for the aliens in D.C.

Big tech and aliens and artificial intelligence are all nice things for big media to write about. But don’t look to their stories for understanding. They write what they are told. Anyone who has studied human emotions and thinks they understand them, let alone have encoded those emotions accurately into a silicon chip, is an idiot. Don’t be that person.

None of us knows how this “planned-enema” is going to shake out, but shake out it will. God is the only one who has ever influenced humanity on a mass scale. I would not discount the idea that He is about to do it again.

Earth’s Final Kingdom ā€“ is this it?

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