Dr. King 'honored' with phallic sculpture

The headline on the front page of a local newspaper proclaimed in bold letters: “We Can’t Forget,” as a testament to honoring Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. I’d say the ship on that lie has long ago sailed.

Today, the people who value being a crayon color more than anything else in their life treat the mention of Dr. King with Pavlovian response, i.e., his name evokes blubbering references to a person’s character over the color of his skin. The problem is that everything to them is about the color of their skin, character be damned.

These people are charades and haters fixated upon the myth that they’re oppressed and persecuted, supposedly because of their color. That said, the old adage of there being some truth in every lie is applicable.

The most recent example is the alleged tribute to Dr. King.

The tribute is a 22-foot-tall, 25-foot-wide male organ. You read it right; the Boston tribute is a 22-foot-tall penis that cost $10 million. Entitled “The Embrace,” it’s supposed to represent the hug Dr. King gave his wife upon finding out he had just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

As Def-Con News reported: “The statue, which features the arms of Dr. King and his wife from a famous photograph after he won the Nobel Peace Prize not only is not recognizable as being of the man himself to a casual observer, but when viewed from different angles has drawn comparisons to a butt, a turd, a penis and a sex act among other suggestions from Twitter users. …”

There is nothing honorable about this statue. It’s vulgar and pornographic. It’s disrespectful to Dr. King’s memory, to his family and to the American people who fought the injustice being suffered under Jim Crow.

The absence of insult, combined with applause from those who blather King’s name on his birthday, his holiday and during the month-long celebration of agitprop as part of their so-called history month was deafening. The duplicitous display of double standards was worst. Can you imagine the outrage and condemnation if a blue-eyed, fair-haired, Christian male offered a phallic symbol to honor Dr. King? But then, we all know that no decent person, much less a Christian person, would do such a thing.

The statue embodies every vulgar stereotype historically associated with “black” men. It’s even more of an insult to MLK’s late wife. Are we to believe thoughts like this were what was going through her mind as he embraced her in that emotional moment upon learning he had received such a preeminent award? What kind of person would remotely consider that thing an honor? What kind of so-called city leaders could view such a public display of graphic immorality an honor? Are the male children of Boston supposed to compare themselves with the statue when looking at it? Are the young girls supposed to think illicit thoughts they’re now led to believe Mrs. King was thinking as the two embraced?

These people have forgotten what Dr. King stood for. I’m sure there are people who will remind the public that Dr. King allegedly committed adultery. But, before we go to far down that path, let’s not overlook the late President John Kennedy who was legendary for his promiscuity and Bill Clinton who remains an incorrigible philanderer, both of whom are revered by the public including both sides of the political aisle.

This degrading symbol further validates, as if any more validation were needed, my Jan. 28, 2019, syndicated column, “Blacks Today: Disgrace To Dr. King’s Legacy.” I wrote: “Blacks today have made a mockery of ‘moral standards’ behaving in ways that are counter productive to every quantifiable level of propriety. … Dr. King lived through a period in time when the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) threatened to murder blacks and he condemned same. Since his death over 20 million black women have murdered their unborn children at the urging and applause of a so-called black president. Obama seized every opportunity to foment discord based upon skin color, but not once did he condemn Planned Parenthood for the abortions that have reduced the aggregate number of blacks by 30 percent in 44 years.”

Where is the cry of disgust from Dr. King’s children and his daughter Bernice specifically? As I wrote in my Jan. 21, 2020, syndicated column, “Bernice King: Another Angry Black Stuck In The Past”: “Bernice King, daughter of the late Dr. King, is a conductor on the train of intellectual dishonesty and psychological/emotional regression. She regaled each audience she addressed as a stenotopic encomiast of jeremiads that were operose, i.e., tedious and wearisome to everyone who embraces the brightness of this great new day in which we live. … A bright new day where the only walls and barriers are those invented are those invented and/or imagined by people like her.”

The statue in Boston is only marginally less offensive than the people who preened and applauded it’s unveiling. That includes the people in the Georgia church Biden told lies to about his involvement in the civil rights movement. Apparently, they did forget: “Biden held political office for nearly 50 years. His greatest accomplishment … [was] passing the draconian anti-crime bill that was designed and intended to lock-up young black males.”

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