Drafting women into the military? Let's follow the science

We have all heard the phrase “you can’t fix stupid,” or “a leopard never changes its spots,” the latter associated with Jeremiah 13:23. Both phrases highlight the innate nature or worldview of an individual that is so warped and distorted, it makes it impossible for him or her to be capable of sound reasoning. This always fits the definition of a liberal/Democrat, but in this particular case, there are a number of Republicans who have signed on to the National Defense Authorization Act as well, a bill seeking to, in part, require women to register for the draft.

A recent email I received from the Family Research Council, “Drafting Women is Congress’ latest Woke idea for the Military,” highlights much of this and the total lack of wisdom of another disastrous social agenda of the left. Let me elaborate on the FRC’s statements just a bit to illustrate the main point of this column, which is: If the men of this country allow our daughters, granddaughters and wives to be forcibly drafted into the military due to some warped sense of social equity engineering, are we as a country worth saving, especially since we have far more than enough males to fill those roles?

For the last 30 years, part of my job responsibilities has been pre-employment screens for local industry, which includes oil, gas, utilities, farming, food processing, trucking, construction, etc. I have literally conducted thousands of these screens over the years, where each company, by law, has a set of what are determined to be the essential job functions of the job an employee must be able to perform prior to being offered a position.

The screens all involve medium to heavy labor-oriented positions, where lifting and carrying in excess of 100 pounds as well as pressing overhead as much as 50 pounds are frequent requirements.

Due to the level of pay some of these positions offer, especially those in the oil fields working on oil rigs, many women, especially single women with children, are attracted to these positions. However, the reality when confronted with the actual required tasks, especially those requiring significant upper body strength, it is a rare female who can successfully pass the requirements. The mental attitude “I can do this” does not hold up to the reality of gender differences in biology, physiology and anatomy, differences partially highlighted below.

These screenings were conducted within the scope of practice of a large local physical therapy rehabilitation clinic, where over the years thousands of patients have come through the doors with a wide variety of structural abnormalities and injuries. Many of these injuries are related to overuse of a particular joint, whether from athletics or work-related, which is a significant point when discussing women in the military. It is true that a number of these women could lift the required amount at times, but the effort was 100% of their maximum as well as with unsafe mechanics, which disqualifies them for safety reasons. Now, it should be obvious to the reader that anyone working at 100% capacity, as well as well as with poor body mechanics, for any length of time are certainly going to acquire an overuse injury and/or become disabled and unfit for work or military duty, as well as putting themselves and those they work with at an increased risk as well.

Let me provide an analogy to clarify. You have the task of pushing, pulling, lifting, dragging, or carrying a heavy load a certain distance. The engineering department informs you that to perform that task repetitively and safely over a lengthy period of time without burning up the motor (overuse injury), you are going to need the horsepower equivalent to an 8-cylinder engine (the male), which will perform the task using about 50% of its capacity. However, you only have a 4-cylinder engine available (female). So, you decide to perform the task using the 4-cylinder engine, which will be working at 100% capacity to perform the same task. Which is the wiser choice? Which is the foolish choice? Which choice puts everyone involved with performing the task at higher risk for injury or an incomplete task?

Using an athletic analogy. You have two opposing football teams on the field. One made up of physically developed high school players (U.S. military with drafted females) and one of physically developed NFL players (opposing militaries with males only). Which one is clearly going to win the contest?

Let me clarify all of this with a few biological, structural and physiological factual differences between the two genders – yes, there are only two genders.

Males have the following advantages as combatants.

  • At least 40% greater upper body strength mass and 33% lower.
  • Men have remarkable advantages especially in explosive strength, due to significantly greater amounts of fast twitch fibers, which makes any hand-to-hand combat or related explosive force requirements clearly the male’s advantage.
  • Aerobic capacity in trained women is as much as 25% lower than males, due to lower hemoglobin content of the blood. This does not even consider the additional significant negative effect of the women’s menstrual cycle would have on performance (same reference as above).
  • Women’s stroke volume, or the amount of blood flow per beat of the heart, is approximately 25% lower compared to men. The combination of a smaller heart size, smaller left ventricle and smaller blood volume means that for every given physical task, the female will be working at significantly higher heart rates than men to compensate. This means a female soldier exhaustion level will be reached at much lower levels of total work output than a male.
  • Men are more aggressive than women.

As the Family Research Council points out, “Female conscription is unnecessary because there are sufficient men to fulfill draft requirements. If a major conflict were to arise and the United States needed to more than double our military to 5 million, that would only require an additional 1.4% of the male population to serve.”

It is very unfortunate that we have a growing population of men in the U.S., both Republican as well as Democrats, who when they leave the house each day either leave their testicles at home, or lose them on the way to work, and seem incapable of doing the right thing. It’s been a pandemic on the Democratic side of the aisle for decades, but is becoming an increasingly significant problem for some Republicans as well.

Lastly, there was a time I believed there would be a bottom to all the ignorance and irrational thought process of the left, but they continue to find new depths to sink to and explore. So, as John MacArthur pointed out in a sermon back in 2012, when you affirm or embrace everything God hates, there is no depth too low you will sink to – such as a country where the men, loosely used here, stay home and the women go to war. This is another example of the mind-numbing level of cognitive collapse of the left.

Drafting women into the military is as wise as choosing to slide down a hill covered with 60 grit sandpaper on your bare backside.

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