'Dukes of Hazzard' star: Alec Baldwin belongs in prison

“Dukes of Hazzard” star John Schneider is speaking out in response to Alec Baldwin’s claims about the October shooting that left cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dead and director Joel Souza wounded on the set of the movie “Rust.” Schneider is an expert on gun safety on sets, having decades of experience as an actor and director. In particular, Schneider is irked by Baldwin’s recent claims that he did not pull the trigger, and that he feels no guilt over the tragedy.

Schneider appeared on my podcast this week, the “Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo,” after watching Baldwin’s interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC earlier this month.

“I am so angry at this,” said Schneider. “There are so many things this man should have said to that family. And now the gun is the bad guy because this man supposedly did not check his firearm, and he knows better.”

I asked Schneider if Baldwin deserves jail time. “Yes, yes he does. I do not know where or for how long,” he said. Schneider believes Baldwin is criminally responsible both because he fired the weapon and because of his role as producer of the movie. “It cannot be considered an accident. There are too many things that did not happen for it to be considered just an accident,” he said. Schneider has even offered his help to the Santa Fe sheriff on the case.

Schneider sees a typical pattern with the case, where the gun is blamed instead of the person.

“What I am smelling is a move to ban guns on sets because it is ‘the gun’s fault,'” he said. And, he is convinced that the media are covering for Baldwin because he is a man of the left. Schneider said that if it had been someone like himself, or Dean Cain, or Clint Eastwood, the media would be not so forgiving.

He also has an interesting theory as to how the gun may have gone off: “Alec to me looks like a bloated person. Alec looks to me like he may have big fingers.” If his finger barely fit into the trigger area of the gun, it would have depressed the trigger. If the trigger was depressed at the time he cocked the gun there is nothing to stop the gun from firing when the hammer is released. Baldwin acknowledged to Stephanopoulos both cocking the gun and releasing the hammer, at which time he said the gun went off.

Schneider has a final message for Baldwin: “Your career is over. That is what will make sets more safe.”

Watch a clip of the interview here. To listen to the whole interview, click here.

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