During this summer's blackouts, remember the 'green' cutlery!

Amidst the serious and sometimes devastating issues facing our nation today, you’ll be glad to know our leaders are focusing on the important stuff.

I refer to the guidelines published by the Department of Energy for helping Americans prepare for blackouts over the summer. Among its routine advice, it offers this jaw-dropping gem: “Have sustainably sourced disposable utensils and dinnerware on hand so you do not need to use water to wash dishes.”

I’ll admit I blinked in shock when I read this. Sustainably sourced cutlery and dishes? Really? Of all the potential advice for handling blackouts, why did the Department of Energy pick this bizarre example?

Blackouts are horrible events. They leave all vital and non-vital resources and services high and dry. Health care, refrigeration in stores and restaurants, water supplies, transportation, communication, industry – it all ceases (or you must scramble for alternatives). Fatalities skyrocket – fires (from candles and oil lamps), carbon monoxide poisoning, pedestrian accidents, etc. And of course, the criminal element will always take advantage of situations in which law enforcement is overwhelmed and security features are disabled.

Under these conditions – or under conditions of natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes – having an emergency kit makes perfect sense, of course. But in the midst of handling trauma and dealing with the chaotic aftermath of such events, do you really think anyone will care if their cutlery is sustainably sourced?

The Energy Department’s guidelines include the potential for massive blackouts this summer. The U.S. regulatory authority North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is warning that nearly 30 states can expect to lose electricity over the next few months. NERC itself listed higher reliance on wind and power as some of the factors making states more vulnerable to blackouts.

But why is America increasingly reliant on wind and solar power? It’s because the extreme leftists in government have decided to migrate away from fossil fuels and embrace green energy long before these alternative sources are even remotely capable of reaching the capacity needed to keep America running. But hey, what are a few nationwide blackouts among friends?

Do you ever get the impression the government focuses on trifles while diverting our attention from the Big Picture? Blackouts over a major portion of America because of government regulations dictating that renewable energy must supersede fossil fuels is pretty big news, yet we’re advised to make sure our emergency cutlery is sustainably sourced.

In 1995, libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne published a phenomenal book entitled “Why Government Doesn’t Work.” He offers a clear explanation for the never-ending growth of government:

“The bad consequences of a government program usually don’t show up immediately. And the delay may be long enough to hide the connection between the program and its results. So government never has to say it’s sorry – never has to take responsibility for the misery it causes. Instead, it can blame everything on personal greed, profit-hungry corporations, and the ‘private sector.’ And the government’s cure for the problems is to impose bigger programs, more regulations, and higher taxes. … Each government program carries within it the seeds of future programs that will be ‘needed’ to clean up the mess the first program creates. No matter how much mischief it causes, the government always shows up in a cavalry uniform – riding in to rescue us from the problems it created.”

Create the problem, then offer a solution. Because of the government’s green energy programs and attacks on the oil industry, we can anticipate blackouts in 30 states, along with all the misery that causes. But we should make sure we have sustainably sourced cutlery in the emergency bags the government recommends we keep on hand to cope with the blackouts they created.

Now it might seem silly to focus on cutlery recommendations in light of the bigger picture (emergency preparedness). So let’s look at the even Bigger Picture, shall we? Let’s examine the impact green energy is currently having on world affairs. Can’t get much bigger than that.

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The push away from fossil fuels and toward green energy is ramping up exponentially worldwide. The problem is, fossil fuels currently fulfill about 80% of the world’s energy demand – and alternative energy is nowhere near ready to step in and fill that gap.

Therefore, to yank away fossil fuels before green energy is ready to take over is not just stupid, it’s murderous. Alex Epstein, an energy policy expert, says a fully-realized green transition would amount to the largest mass-murder event “since the killings of 100 million people by communist régimes” in the 20th century.

The biggest danger is starvation from a lack of fuel to power tractors, trucks and food processing plants, and the shortage of commercial fertilizer made from hydrocarbons to grow food. We’re seeing this playing out in real time already. Yet ironically, the excuse for this green transition is to stave off climate change and “secure a liveable future.”

Liveable, eh? What is “liveable” about a significant portion of the human population being forced to die to uphold these goals?

Somehow the climate-change “crisis” – exemplified by the importance of sustainably sourced cutlery in your emergency bags – takes precedence over the lives and livelihoods of billions of people worldwide. At least, that’s the attitude of the global elites playing chess with the planet right now. Net-zero is the mainstream goal; and to achieve it, a lot of people must die. But at least their cutlery will be sustainably sourced.

I’m getting a worse and worse feeling that something big is coming, bigger than regional blackouts due to premature green energy solutions. There are odd and uneasy undercurrents swirling around, tensions and an ominous sense that these billions of people are more expendable than they like to admit. And yet we’re supposed to be concerned about cutlery.

My advice is to ignore any recommendations about cutlery origins, and instead focus on securing resources you’ll need to handle whatever idiocy or outright evil plans the government intends to spoon-feed us next (with sustainably sourced spoons, of course).

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