Elected officials: Marxian, demonic liars

My attorney forwarded me an article regarding a Michigan middle-school teacher quitting his job because he was told the flag of sexual perversion had to be removed from classrooms at his school. My question is twofold: 1) When did sexual perversion and debauchery become worthy of a so-called flag of pride; 2) Why was said flag permitted in classrooms at all?

Homosexuality and the butchering of one’s body both are part of the sick attempt to become what you can never be apart from birth. It is sexual perversion and mental illness. I will not retreat nor apologize for disavowing that which the Word of God condemns.

Two men fornicating is sexual perversion not an expression of love. And the same goes for two women.

I’m not homophobic. I do not fear homosexuals. I am unapologetically pro-Word of God. And no, that doesn’t mean I hide my hatred behind Scripture. I do not hate homosexuals or any of the other alphabet practitioners of sexual debauchery. I hate the acts of sodomy.

It is not only my right, it’s my responsibility to hate the sin my God hates. That said, God doesn’t hate the sinner, because if He did He would not have “… [given] His only begotten Son” to provide a plan of salvation for every sinner who believes in Him, accepts Him as Savior, confesses their sins and repents of their wantonly sinful lifestyle. Ergo, if God hated sinners, and sexual perversion is a sin, He would not have provided a “Way” of salvation for every sinner who desires not to spend eternity in hell.

But therein lies the rub. America has given rise to voices that embrace and reward abhorrent behavior. They would have sane people believe that right or wrong is open to interpretation, so long as they are the ones doing the interpreting.

They force the crudest, most reprobate and condemnable forms of perversion upon malleable and impressionable young minds in public schools with impunity. But refusing to acknowledge said behavior as normal is met with suspensions and loss of employment. Where is it written that we must surrender our system of belief to embrace and/or be forced to participate in that to which we are opposed?

We hear the morally opprobrious blathering that it’s a woman’s “right to choose” to have her child murdered. The so-called highest court in the land manufactured the ruling that codified same. Why is it that when I exercise my right to oppose killing children in defense of sanctity of life, that I and those who share my views are vilified and ostracized?

America has given rise to Erebusic bastions of malcontents supporting lifelong felons who have made careers of savage anti-societal behavior. These human blights on their communities are rewarded with acclaim from those who obviously support murder, gangs, illicit criminal drug activity and the pollution of entire neighborhoods. I offer as examples: career criminal George Floyd who is celebrated by those he didn’t molest and pregnant women he didn’t threaten shoot in the stomach unless they gave him money. I offer as evidence Wesley Cook, who changed his name to Mumia Abu-Jamal and gained global notoriety after becoming a celebrated cop-killer for murdering Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. It’s not surprising that the New York Times, which heralded career criminal Floyd, so too heralded the dishonest purveyor of agitprop Abu-Jamal as the best-known person in the world on death row. And why not? It wasn’t family members of Times staff members who had been terrorized or murdered by either of the aforementioned criminal villains.

Not to be outdone are so-called colored professors with credentials commensurate to those of the late pernicious calumniator and plagiarist Alex Haley who created the mythical Kunta Kinte “Roots” saga. I enter into evidence Nikole Hannah-Jones, inventor of The 1619 Project, another Marxian myth that is prostituted as historical fact. The truth is both Kunta Kinte and The 1619 Project are massive fantasies that require the suspension of all rational thought to be believed.

As I’ve said many times, our Founding Fathers under the guiding hand of God, created the most citizen-favored system of government and laws since the Code of Hammurabi. The only thing they were unable to protect American citizens from were dishonest men and women who would lie, cheat and deceive their way into office and onto courts. Then through the financial support of those like the Koch brothers, George Soros et al., demonic all, political office became a cabal of criminal activity and the chief undermining influence of constitutional law.

Those who hold office today have become the sacerdotalists of the satanic period referenced as “the days of Noah,” which the Holy Scriptures prophesy. Those officeholders perpetuate a worldview, like the underworld, where good is called evil and evil is lauded as good, a dark world where evil is applauded on every platform of society where those who stand for the truth of God’s Word are branded as deplorables and clingers to our guns and Bibles.

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