Elections Board authorizes subpoena for evidence in 2020 investigation

Among the various scandals that have been uncovered from the 2020 presidential election was the issue of ballot harvesting in Georgia, where state law forbids it.

WND previously has reported Georgia is one of the swing states where, during the 2020 race, the vote went suspiciously narrowly for Joe Biden.

An investigation into what happened in Georgia was confirmed earlier, and it is among several states where suspicious events have been identified.

There were, in fact, a long list of questions that arose over the 2020 results, which Biden won after narrowly capturing a list of swing states.

What is known is that a number of issues remain under investigation, and a coming documentary reveals hundreds of “mules” were hired to dump piles of mail-in ballots in drop boxes during election night’s overnight hours.

Also, independent analyses have concluded either of two ways likely “bought” the election for Biden. One was the $420 million Mark Zuckerberg gave to mostly leftist election officials with instructions to recruit voters from Democrat districts, and the other was the collusion by legacy and social-media companies that decided to suppress accurate, and damaging, reports about the Biden family international business scandals just before the election.

Further, multiple state and local officials simply ignored their own state laws regarding the handling of mail-in ballots, actions that have since been ruled illegal by courts in those states.

Meanwhile, Just the News has compiled a list of 20 situations that suggest fraud or irregularities in the 2020 election.

They include that Iranian nationals hacked into a state computer election system and stole 100,000 voter registrations and used them to try to intimidate Republicans, a former state Supreme Court justice concluded there was bribery in Wisconsin’s election count, there was illegal ballot harvesting in several states, vote signature requirements may have been violated involving 200,000 ballots in Arizona, the widely used ballot drop boxes were, in fact, illegal, foreign voters were found on voter rolls in Texas and Georgia, a number of mail-in ballot strategies were unconstitutional, voter roll laws were not followed and more.

Now Just the News reveals the Georgia Elections Board has approved a subpoena to “secure evidence and testimony” in the investigation into whether liberal activists “illegally gathered thousands of absentee ballots.”

Raffensperger earlier has said the investigation would follow the money, and prosecutions would result if the evidence supported them.

Now, the report said, “The subpoena power will allow Raffensperger’s team to secure evidence about a whistleblower who alleged to an election integrity group that he participated in a large operation to gather ballots in which activists were paid $10 for each ballot they delivered.”

The vote on the subpoena had been delayed by the lack of a chairman for the board, but the report said Matthew Mashburn was appointed at a meeting last week, and the vote then was taken on the subpoena.

Now, the report explained, Raffensperger’s office can get evidence from the election integrity group True the Vote, which revealed in November it had videotapes, a whistleblower’s confession, and cell phone location records showing “what appeared to be a widespread ballot harvesting operation in the November 2020 general election and January 2021 election runoff.”

The group said its video showed ballot traffickers dumping stacks of ballots into unmonitored drop boxes during overnight hours, and the cell phone records it got revealed as many as 240 activities involved, the report said.

Raffensperger earlier explained the investigation needs to discover the identity of the whistleblower, whether he was paid, who paid him, and more.

Already, following the 2020 activities, Arizona has prosecuted people for illegally collecting ballots, and the same dispute has been reported in Wisconsin.

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