Europe: Increasingly the slave of America

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The war in Ukraine has made it dreadfully clear that Europe has lost its independence and solely functions as a servant of American interests. European politicians are simply not working for the best interests of Europe. Rather, they are scrambling desperately to implement sanctions that weaken their own economies and make Russia filthy rich.

One wonders, were the U.S.-led sanctions ever about hitting Russia? Are not the sanctions a main tool to weaken the EU and Europe’s largest industrial state, Germany? Let me guess that top players such as Vanguard and Blackrock stand ready to buy up European assets and industries that now go bankrupt due to skyrocketing energy prices and lack of access to vital commodities from its neighboring country, Russia. At the end of this crisis, Europe may be the main loser and much of its assets owned by the United States’ economic elites.

The American neoconservative strategists are brilliantly pushing NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg into a position where the current policies weaken Europe and set the stage for a major conflict on European soil. The end game will be that “unfriendly” Poland, Ukraine, Finland if it enters NATO, Norway and other nations bordering Russia will be the front lines in a possible all-out war.

Like World War II, the Americans will be far away from the mess and will profit economically from Europe coming down, once again. It was precisely World War II that made the United States the leader of the Western world. As its economy is crumbling, dwindling trust in the dollar, soaring trillions of debt, domestic tension all-time high, another world war on the European battlefield could solve many of America’s problems, one can imagine.

America’s neoconservative political mission post-Cold War has been to make sure that no rival superpower is allowed to emerge in Europe, Asia or the territories of the former Soviet Union.

The Pentagon’s plan “Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival,” from 1992, was remarkably honest about the need to keep Europe weak. The aim was a world dominated by one unilateral superpower – the United States – “whose position would be one of sufficient military might to deter any nation or group of nations from challenging American primacy” – including Europe.

The need to keep Germany weak is specifically mentioned. And Germany has in recent years developed a lucrative, growing trade with Russia, which has worried the American elites.

As mentioned in a previous WND article, the neocon strategists are fully aware of the fact that sanctions would make the oil/gas prices soar and enrich the Russian economy. Russia has, in turn, predictably shifted her exports to China and other BRICS countries at discounted prices, thereby fueling the Asian export machines at the expense of Europe.

If the aim was to kill the Russian economy, why choose sanctions on Russian commodities, which boost the Russian economy?

Russia is harvesting an unprecedented income from the soaring oil/gas and commodities prices, according to Bloomberg around 285 billion USD so far. The fall in Russia’s GDP only amounts to 3%. The irony is that the EU is now paying the Russian bill for the attack on Ukraine and conquest of the Lugansk, Donbass regions and more.

The gas prices in Europe are up 700%, which pushes the continent to the brink of recession.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz smiles when pictured at the NATO summit in Madrid with U.S. President Joe Biden and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. What on earth is he smiling about while his country is being taken down with record inflation, wave of defaults and impoverishment of the population? Germany now reports the first trade deficit since 1991, its economy falling 1 billion euros in May alone. The Brexit British of course want the war in Ukraine to last as long as possible, as they profit relatively by the weakening of Germany, Europe’s strongest industrial state.

“The end of history,” wrote Francis Fukuyama in 1992, thinking that Western atheist liberalism, with its hatred of traditional values, would usher in final peace on earth. Since then women have taken over most of the leading roles in Europe and abolished compulsory military service – which renders a generation with young men unable to handle a weapon. War in Europe was not what they prepared for.

There is a saying: “When you dig a grave for others, be careful not to fall in it yourself.” It is the paraphrase of a verse from the good, old Bible, now so scorned in the West. Europe has leaders that do not listen to the wisdom that once made Europe such a great civilization. And here we are, weakened again and on the brink of recession.

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