Even the election fraud deniers cannot deny Bridgeport

On Jan. 6, 2021, Rachel Powell, a mother of eight from central Pennsylvania, went to the Capitol and admittedly got a little carried away.

Powell did help break a window. She pushed against police barricades and encouraged others to surge forward against police lines. Prosecutors asked for eight years, one year, a cynic might suggest, for each of her eight children.

A soft-hearted judge gave her 57 months, 42 more months than New York City attorney Urooj Rahman received for fire-bombing a police car during the George Floyd riots in May 2020.

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“I’m with family right now,” Powell texted me on Jan. 7, 2024. “It would be better to write me because I have one day left, which I will spend with family. I might be able to email you as well.” Powell left the next day for prison – FCI Hazelton in Braceton, West Virginia.

That evening on CNN, Anderson Cooper showed a recent interview Powell did with a CNN reporter at her home in rural Pennsylvania. She had been confined there for nearly three years.

“I don’t have remorse for attending protests,” she said calmly. “I don’t have remorse for speaking out and saying I believe the election was stolen. I do have remorse for breaking a window and destroying my whole family’s life.”

Cooper concluded the segment with a homily so deep in mindless sanctimony it belongs in a time capsule.

“It’s amazing to me, although it shouldn’t be,” said Cooper, “that you know she spent three years locked up in her home and could have done some research, and she continues things which are demonstrably false and just lies. I mean, it’s pathetic.”

Weeks before Cooper opined about things that are demonstrably false, CNN ran a story headlined, “See the surveillance video Trump allies are using to sow doubts about voting.”

The video captured illegal ballot harvesting on the incumbent’s behalf during a Democratic mayoral primary in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s largest city.

A whistleblower handed over the video to the challenger. As a Democrat and a racial minority, the courts and the media had to listen to him. So blatant was the fraud that a judge nullified the election.

This “wild” story being too big for CNN to ignore, the producers found a way to turn it against Trump. Asked anchor Kristin Fisher, “How are Trump and other right-wing figures trying to capitalize off this scandal.?”

Reporter Marshall Cohen smirked, “They have had a bonanza with it in the right-wing media.” Cohen dismissed Trump’s claims about widespread voter fraud as “completely wrong.” The reporter had consulted with the “experts,” and they assured him that voter fraud is extremely rare. Case closed.

Not so fast. Two weeks after the “pathetic” Rachel Powell headed to prison, a victim of Trump’s alleged lies about voter fraud, the New York Times dug a little deeper into the Bridgeport scandal.

Knowing its readers were not keen on learning about voter fraud, the editors put their minds at ease with the semantic pretzel of a headline, “Election Fraud Is Rare. Except, Maybe, in Bridgeport, Conn.”

Here too, “experts” were recruited to assure readers that “election fraud is rare.” Bridgeport was an exception but, reporter Amelia Nierenberg conceded, the 2023 election was not a one-off.

“Ballot manipulation has undermined elections for years,” reported Nierenberg. “Residents of the city’s low-income housing complexes described people sweeping through their apartment buildings, often pressuring them to apply for absentee ballots they were not legally entitled to.”

Added Nierenberg, “Sometimes, residents say, campaigners fill out the applications or return the ballots for them – all of which is illegal.” This was the kind of scheme Project Veritas unearthed in Minneapolis in 2020, and that the Times so grossly misreported that Project Veritas felt compelled to sue for libel.

The Dinesh D’Souza film “2000 Mules” used geo-tracking data to make the case that schemes similar to Bridgeport’s were not unusual in large Democratic cities.

Specifically, D’Souza accused the Democrats of throwing the 2020 election to Biden through the use of massive illegal vote harvesting in the major cities of critical swing states.

The much anticipated film premiered in packed theaters across America on Monday, May 2, 2022. On that same May 2, 2022, Politico reported on the leaked initial draft of the Supreme Court opinion striking down Roe v. Wade.

The leak was unprecedented. In fact, as Politico reported, “No draft decision in the modern history of the court has been disclosed publicly while a case was still pending.”

This story gave the media all the excuse they needed to ignore “2000 Mules” and all the leisure time its “fact checkers” needed to “debunk” and “discredit” the film’s claims.

The leaker, of course, was never identified. The deep state takes care of its own. Its minions are busy right now memory holing the saga of Bridgeport.

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