Even the trans community has limits – go figure

Pride Month just concluded. In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s the entire month of June. It’s just all too grand to squeeze into just one day, like celebrating the birth of a nation.

A whole month where we have the pleasure of being repeated struck over the head (figuratively) with the joys of gender fluidity and various rainbow flags, while simultaneously being lectured that gender is somehow not the same as sex. Apparently, it’s merely a state of mind.

But this is once again a demonstration of a relatively tiny minority thinking that they have the right and authority to dictate to the vast majority that what clearly isn’t, is – and vice versa.

Today it is possible to transition into virtually anything. To date there are no less than 112 genders. It’s apparently becoming acceptable to even transition into another species. I think (or feel), therefore I am, and all that.

There seems to be no limit to it. If you feel a certain way, then voilà, that’s what you are. And those of us who are not part of this bizarro world are then forced to comply, lest we be shouted down, called haters, deniers and worse.

But is there really no limit? Well, it turns out there is a line even these oddballs won’t cross.

There is one hard and fast trans taboo, and of course it revolves around race. In 2021, race still rules all.

Sure, men can claim to be women, hang out in girls’ bathrooms, changing rooms and locker rooms. Sure, men can compete with women and deprive them of team slots, scholarships and medals, ruining everything these women have worked a lifetime for. That’s somehow OK and even praise-worthy. But don’t even think of claiming to be another race – particularly black.

Recall the wicked backlash suffered by poor Rachel Dolezal, whose only crime was being a white woman who felt like a black woman. This is evidently the bridge too far for the anything-goes set.

The same people who are fine with 112 genders, or a person “feeling” like a dog or a tiger, or probably even a blender or toaster oven, called Dolezal a “pretender.”

Their reasoning is that, “Being ‘transracial’ in such a manner as to negate the experiences of a collective group of people with which you choose to identify with, and therefore portray yourself in a way that misrepresents your genealogy. … But what Blackness will not accept is false pretenses dressed up in cultural appropriation.”

This is completely different from growing up as a man, with all its “privilege,” then deciding to be a woman, therefore, negating the experiences of a collective group (females) and their historic struggles. Yes, I can see this is completely different – NOT.

But evidently it is different, because they say so. In other words, don’t mess with “blackness.”

Go ahead and pretend to be anything you like, except for black – or apparently Korean. Sorry, Oli London. You wasted all that money on surgeries to make yourself look Korean – and for what? Only to be rejected by the trans-gatekeepers.

As an ignorant, white, male, bigoted hater, I fail to see much of a difference in any of this nonsense. I guess evolution has just passed me by.

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