Evidence reveals FBI lied to DOJ about 'Russia' conspiracy theory

Two experts on the law and statistics have charged that notes written by FBI agents back in 2017 show the bureau’s concerted strategy to lie to the Department of Justice about the now-debunked “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory that Democrats created to use against President Trump.

They are Hans Mahncke, who advises a global business advisory firm on legal issues, and Stephen McIntyre, who holds degrees from the University of Toronto and Oxford.

In a column at The Federalist, they explain the evidence has appeared in the trial going on now for Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, who is accused of lying to the FBI.

He had taken to the bureau various claims about Trump, and stated he was bringing them on his own behalf as a concerned citizen. In fact, he billed the Clinton campaign for the work.

The evidence includes three sets of handwritten DOJ notes from a 2017 meeting at which DOJ officials Tashina Gauhar, Mary McCord and Scott Schools were in attendance.

They, the commentary explained, show “the FBI’s strategy in the months leading up to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in May 2017.”

They, in fact, “show what the FBI was telling the DOJ about the predication and status of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation only two weeks before FBI Director James Comey’s shock announcement to the House Intelligence Committee on March 20, 2017, that the Trump campaign was being investigated by the FBI for ties to the Kremlin.”

Also at that meeting were FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe, Counterintelligence Executive Assistant Director Bill Priestap, and Counterintelligence Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok.

“The notes reveal a pattern of repeated lies and omissions by FBI leadership to DOJ officials that concealed the dramatic deterioration of the predicate for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. As the predication deteriorated, so too was the purported justification for Comey’s public reveal of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation,” the commentary explained.

The impact of the FBI lies was highlighted when Scott Hellman, an FBI cyber analyst, testified at Sussmann’s trial that he knew right away in 2016 when the issues arose Sussmann’s information didn’t suggest covert communications between Trump and Russia.

In fact, he said he wondered if the person making the claims was “suffering from a mental disability,” the report said.

The evidence, as a result, shows the facts supporting the claims against Trump were absent.

They said the other component of the investigation was the Steele dossier, which now is known to have been created by a former British agent on the payroll of the Clinton campaign who used his own Russian sources, which may have been providing him disinformation.

“The FBI appears to have concealed” a long list of details from the DOJ, the commentary said.

The notes also reveal Strzok “lied to DOJ officials” about the investigation into Trump.

He claimed the investigation was triggered by comments from an Australian diplomat reacting to a Trump joke about missing emails.

“In truth, the diplomat provided his tip before Trump made the joke,” the report said.

The commentary explained even when they had no evidence, FBI officials chose to “double down” on their investigation.

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