Exchange the media's narrative for God's narrative

Money, greed, power and fear now rule the world and its institutions, including governments, and therefore most of the world’s people. Fear is all that remains when we remove God’s love from the world. God’s love is not conditional on our success or failure, so it is always available.

Fear is a wretched way to go through life. The fact is, however, that big media, big tech, big entertainment and big government have all failed us. Lies are all they seem to have left to sell us. Yet much of the world sits down in front of the same news stations, commentators and green-screens, so that they can see how the world is doing today!

But if they’re lying, why are we buying?

Even our heavily-censored big tech lets a few “on the ground” reports slip through its social media filters before they are exposed and purged for the crime of being true. Even a small amount of video footage and on-the-ground commentary can dispel a whole lot of lying by government officials and big-name news anchors. After a while, it becomes obvious to most of us that big news is really all about the narrative that holds the events together. It also becomes obvious that the same events, reported differently, could support an entirely different narrative (view of the world). Any big media narrative must support what big government, big tech, big business and big media want to have happen in the world. Unfortunately, what is good for them is not necessarily good for us.

So if they are lying – why are we buying? Big media, it seems, want to become God’s voice, speaking their truth out into the world about what is to come. Repetition can lead us to believe that there really is only one way out. The only problem is, the fraudsters are already there, standing with their hands out to collect our freedom and substance as the price for relief. In the end, their “solutions” don’t help; they only make the way out more costly and confusing. Depression, drugs and suicide can easily follow their lies.

What’s the antidote? At our moment in time, the battle is so big that only one voice can be trusted. The problem is that most of us have been taught by our church experience to ignore – not seek out and understand – God’s still small voice. God is the only one we can know will not lie to us, because His only agenda for us is a good life in this world that He created, and in the next, which He also created. In short, He loves us.

There are people who are very good at hearing God’s voice as He speaks into our world today. It is also valuable to understand how God has spoken under similar circumstances in the world during times before ours. For that we have the Bible, which is the written record of how God has spoken and acted in prior times. Since God is unchanging, this can be very valuable for our own application, now.

You can and should learn to recognize God’s voice. It will help you in all your dealings in life. I actually learned more about this while writing my Armageddon Story novel series than anywhere else. But you can follow people who are very good at hearing God’s voice, and learn from them. They frequently identify as prophetic people, sometimes with a particular part of the world as their focus. Churches and prophetic people don’t always mix well, but God seemed fine with it in the Old Testament, so I don’t much worry about that.

God is way too big to fit into a box, so it is best not to try to put him into one and expect good results. But God excels at problems that are too big for us to fix, so this might be a good time to consult Him on what He sees as our options. Turn off the media’s fear narrative. Tune into God’s infinite narrative.

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