Expert: U.S. has 'no choice' but to go all out against Xi Jinping

A Chinese fighter jet enters Taiwan airspace on Oct. 1, 2021. (Courtesy Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

China has been rattling its sabers, and other articles of war for several years already in what appears to be a longterm plan to take Taiwan by one means or another.

But with Joe Biden now in the White House, and a new level of weakness on foreign policy being transmitted daily, it would surprise few if that move by the Communist regime in Beijing happens sooner rather than later.

Which means that the United States “has no choice but to go all out and do what it can to rein in Xi Jinping’s ambitions.”

That’s according to Chris King, a senior research fellow at the Middle East Media Research Institute.

He explained the tripartite China-U.S.-Taiwan game “will certainly be fierce,” and actually already has begun.

He explained in the 1950s, President Harry Truman sent the Seventh Fleet to blockade the Taiwan Strait after the Korean War started.

“He had shifted from nearly abandoning Taiwan to stationing troops in the island. He did so because he was fully aware of its geopolitical importance as the anti-communist frontline,” King wrote.

Now, Taiwan remains a small island, and continues to have “great strategic value.” And the loss of the territory to a Chinese assault would have significant impact.

“Should Taiwan [be] lost, the U.S. would lose its most effective means to balance the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Consequently, the U.S.’s dominant position in the Indo-Pacific region would collapse. From then on, the CCP would face off against the U.S., and its allies in the region. Thus, the CCP would end up with absolute control of the South China Sea, a resource-rich region and the lifeblood of the world’s maritime transport – and its external expansion and projection of influence would grow rapidly by leaps and bounds,” he pointed out.

Actually, the U.S. should see Taiwan as an ally on par with the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia, or “at least with Japan and South Korea,” he said.

“Beijing’s military moves around Taiwan in recent years are, to a large extent, a test of Washington’s intention and will to become involved in a war across the Taiwan Strait. Once Beijing judges that the U.S. is unlikely to send troops directly to Taiwan’s aid, Chinese President Xi Jinping will have no qualms about attacking the island.”

His suggestion is that Washington must resolve to use force to defend Taiwan, and make that clear. Joe Biden has promised that the U.S. would aid Taiwan, but the specifics remain unclear.

Otherwise, China, which undoubtedly already has plans to rule Taiwan, he said, will increase its military activity and influence some members of the public there to favor unification. Then, he said, “a Chinese attack on Taiwan will be inevitable.”

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