Faith voters, by 9-1 margin, calling for Biden impeachment inquiry

A new poll that surveyed some 11,000 “faith voters” found that by a 9-1 margin, they are calling for an impeachment inquiry to be opened into Joe Biden.

The organization, a nonpartisan group that “mobilizes people of faith to vote,” revealed this week that the actual total was 91.8% of respondents who “want to see Congress open an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden over the failed Afghanistan withdrawal.”

They were asked, “Should Congress open an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden over the failed Afghanistan withdrawal?”

Participants responded via email or text message, and only 4.2% said no. Another 4% were unsure.

Given the opportunity to provide comment, many did, the organization reported, including:

“My son died because of serving in Afghanistan. This has been a horrible reminder of what I lost and now these new families joining this painful journey. And it wasn’t necessary. They were murdered by Joe Biden.”

“I am an Army wife, my husband served 21 years. Biden completely undid our sacrifice and, in essence, gave them all of our equipment and turned his back on our allies. It is a travesty and a betrayal. I have sobbed over this. I feel so bad for all the service members and their families.”

“At this moment it feels as though our nation has been deserted by the highest office in the land as well as those who legislate. Perhaps we can find them hiding behind their excuses, deliberate lies and misinformation.”

The comments were identified only by first name, making them anonymous.

“I must confess I was surprised that nine out of 10 surveyed strongly believe that Congress should open an impeachment inquiry of President Biden over Afghanistan,” said My Faith Votes CEO Jason Yates.

“I felt the national outrage, but this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen since we started our work to engage people of faith in the public square.”

The organization organized a prayer vigil for the nation’s military exit from Afghanistan, a catastrophe that saw Biden abandon perhaps hundreds of Americans to now be ruled by the terrorist Taliban organization. Or possibly used as hostages.

He also turned over to the terrorists an estimated $80 billion in war machinery and weapons.

Paul Bedard in his Washington Secrets column noted the results “followed an explosion in polling critical of the Biden administration, its handling of the war exit, and the president’s overall competency.”

It came as Rasmussen Reports and others were also showing support for opening impeachment hearings, he explained.

But he pointed out that the House, where such a process would have to be begin, still is controlled by Biden loyalists who are hand-in-glove with his political agenda.

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