Famed lawyer warns justice system no longer delivering justice

Alan Dershowitz (screenshot)
Alan Dershowitz (screenshot)

The American justice system, long considered the epitome of fairness, has lost its ability to deliver, according to a prominent legal scholar, analyst and commentator.

“Trials and justice have ceased to be about individual justice. They’re about identity politics,” charged Alan Dershowitz in an interview on the Jhon Solomon Reports podcast.

“Everything’s about race or politics.”

His comments carry weight when he speaks. Dershowitz, during his long career, edited the Yale Law Journal, clerked in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C> Circuit, then for Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg.

He joined the Harvard Law faculty in 1964 and soon became the youngest law professor to be granted tenure there. He retired from fulltime teaching in 2013 but has remained a force through his commentaries and more.

He often has fought for liberal causes, such as students protesting the Vietnam War and the plans by a theater in the 1960s to show sexually explicit material.

His celebrity clients over the years have included Claus von Bulow, Jim Bakker and O.J. Simpson.

His newest warning is for those in the justice system – judges and lawyers, both prosecutors and defense counsel.

“In an interview with Just the News, Dershowitz deplored the growing trend in recent criminal cases toward political agendas supplanting the neutral consideration of evidence and law that has been the lifeblood of U.S. jurisprudence for more than two centuries,” Just the News reported.

“It’s becoming much more responsive, unfortunately, to critical race theory, basically, everything’s about race,” he said.

“The justice system has stopped being about is this particular person innocent or guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based on the evidence and based on the law. People today are rooting, cheering for verdicts. They want verdicts to reflect their narrative. They want verdicts to prove their way of looking at the world. Trials and justice have ceased to be about individual justice. They’re about identity politics,” he said.

In fact, leftists during the recent Wisconsin trial in which teen Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, on the basis of self-defense, in the shooting deaths of two rioters during the Kenosha violence last year, threatened violence if they did not get the verdict they demanded.

Dershowitz told Just the News it was after the death of George Floyd, at the hands of police, that it began, with activists and ideologues forcing the discussion to focus on race, the report said.

“I’m 83 years old, and I will never live to see or return to the days when we follow Martin Luther King’s quest dream,” Dershowitz told Just the News. “He dreamt of the time when his children will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the quality of their character. That’s not going to happen.”

He said, “Everything now is about about race. And we can’t get around it.”

He charged that the ideologues of the present day have made it impossible to hold individual opinions.

“You can’t make up your own mind about any issue. If you’re going to be a woke person on the left, you have to be 100% on board on every issue. You have to be anti-Israel. You have to be basically anti-white. And you have to be completely on board with all the woke stuff, some good, some very bad, and some intolerable.”

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