India’s Mahatma Gandhi – lawyer, politician, social activist and writer who led the nationalist movement against British rule – lived his life in accordance with the creed: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.” Winning independence for his people, Gandhi died in 1948 at age 78, felled by an assassin’s bullet.

As fathers and sons across the country celebrated Father’s Day last Sunday, there is one son in particular who had no clue as to what Gandhi meant by his creed. While embracing the “live as if you were to die tomorrow” part – twisted to meet his own selfish needs – he obviously ignored everything after that.

Clearly relishing his role as “First Son,” Hunter Biden has enjoyed the benefits that come with that position, plus many more that did not. It has brought him more in life than he ever dreamed possible. Whether drugs, prostitutes, guns, nefarious international dealings, cash, etc., Hunter has lived life as if there were no tomorrow, all dedicated to his self-seeking search for endless pleasures.

One can only wonder what was discussed last Sunday at the Biden family dinner table on Father’s Day, celebrated in Delaware – a place the president seems to be spending more time on weekends than the White House. We need do so in the context of how Joe views Hunter, having previously boasted Hunter was “the smartest person I know.”

It is interesting Joe made such a declaration about his son even after Hunter, perhaps still on a high, failed to pick up his laptop computer containing extremely damaging information about the Bidens. It had been left at a repair shop where the shop owner had legally taken ownership of it for nonpayment, and then accessed its contents. Publicly released in bits and pieces, the contents have proven to be a gift for Biden critics that keeps on giving.

The contents of the laptop paints a dark picture of a presidential son totally uninhibited in doing whatever he so desires, regardless of how it might reflect upon the Biden family. Cheating on his wife, cheating on his dead brother’s widow with whom he had an affair, keeping a prostitute on the payroll, – if it felt good, Hunter did it. The revelations keep getting darker and darker – some even revealing about Joe himself. For example, Hunter had a passion for internet pornography and shared some of what he accessed with his father.

As the existence of the laptop popped up prior to the 2020 presidential election, the liberal media worked hard to hide the story. They were assisted in this effort by 51 intelligence “experts” who assured the voting public the laptop was not Hunter’s but part of a Russian disinformation campaign to embarrass Joe. A subsequent thorough examination, however, determined with 100% certainty the laptop is, indeed, Hunter’s, totally discrediting the Russian disinformation explanation. Yet these 51 so-called experts have since refused even to apologize for being wrong.

While Joe has often said he never inquired about Hunter’s business dealings, inevitably the “laptop from Hell” tells a different story. Hunter’s email exchanges concerning various deals suggested certain percentages had to be set aside for “The Big Guy.” There were indications too that Hunter used his questionable financial gains to pay for some expenses incurred by Joe. The latter’s financial records indicate he earned $5.2 million in unexplained income, raising questions about its sourcing.

Additionally, a Dec. 3, 2018, 77-minute audio clip from the laptop has Hunter boasting about the influence he has over his father. “He’ll talk about anything I want him to,” Hunter bragged. He added, “If I say it is important to me … (Joe will) make it a part of his platform.” If his father is elected, Hunter said he would take on the gun control issue and “any other things I want him to (discuss).” Describing Joe as “the man I admire most,” Hunter could not end without some self-aggrandizement, adding, “He thinks I’m a god.” One gets the clear impression that in this father/son relationship, Hunter is the puppet-master and Joe the puppet.

With laptop revelations still emerging, the Biden family’s Father’s Day dinner table discussion concerning the infamous computer must have been intriguing. Did father criticize son for being totally irresponsible about abandoning the laptop, or was father thanking son for securing a “percentage” for the old man? With Joe’s mental state questionable, was he even cognizant of the fact Hunter has been a total disgrace to the Biden name? If he was cognizant, did he lock eyes upon the son he views as a god despite the fact that the son’s personal greed has brought so much dishonor to the family?

Or, does Joe really have a much greater grasp of Hunter’s dealings? Was there no criticizing Hunter as father, son and other Biden family members who have all benefited from Hunter’s financial escapades relished in their bounty while laughing over Joe’s “I know nothing” scam? What an opportunity it would have been to be a fly on the wall at the Biden family’s dinner table.

In 1996, first lady Hillary Clinton published “It Takes a Village” – a book chronicling her quest, both personal and public, to help transform society into the kind of village enabling children to become smart, able and resilient adults. Clearly, the book was never read by Joe Biden. Sadly, Joe’s incompetence as a father, exhibited by the fruit of his loins, is mirrored by the inept presidential leadership plaguing America today.

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