Fear is the weapon of elites

Now that COVID lockdowns/shutdowns are history, as are most mask and vaccine mandates, it got me to thinking. What’s next?

From early on in the pandemic, it’s been the contention of many of us freedom-loving constitutionalists that there will be a “next” – that this whole scenario has been orchestrated, to an extent.

No, I’m not denying that COVID-19 was and is real and that the initial response seemed kind of necessary at the time. But those in charge of the response, it seems, quickly understood what they had – the ability to control our behavior.

And what was the magic pill with which they used to accomplish this?

One word – FEAR. Fear, like no other emotion, can and will motivate people to say and do the otherwise unthinkable. And mass fear is the worse kind.

At its height, the COVID pandemic was a pandemic of fear – because fear always works.

Wait – I heard that not too long ago. But where? And then it hit me.

A few years ago we had a neighbor with three young children. Ours was the “fun” house, so the kids ended up hanging out at our place. My son and I taught them lacrosse. We’d take them swimming and ran around at the park. Their mother appreciated the time off.

When it got colder, I allowed them to come over and watch movies. And thinking back, I remember where I heard those three words – “Fear always works.” It was from a 2016 animated Disney movie called “Zootopia.”

It was about the city of Zootopia and surrounding boroughs, what they called “12 unique ecosystems,” populated entirely by animals – humanized animals, evolved over thousands of years to walk, talk, dress and act like humans.

The purpose of the movie was to point out prejudice and how to combat it – of course, with a Disney leftist bent. As they said, “Zootopia – where predator and prey can live together in harmony.” You know – like utopia with a Z.

The plot was one of power and control, just like the pandemic. But instead of using a virus to control the populace and pit one segment of the population against another, the villain(s) created a pellet, synthesized from a “toxic flower.” When an evolved animal is shot with a pellet, it would cause it to devolve back to its “primitive predatory ways.” In other words, predators would attack prey, causing chaos throughout society.

The other night I decide to re-watch the film, and son of a gun if the parallels between the villains in the movie weren’t the same as we’ve experienced throughout our nonsensical COVID ordeal.

As more and more predators were caused to “go savage” by the toxic pellet, fear gripped the city. The Zootopia press began speaking of segregating the population, quarantines, mistrust between prey (vaxxed and masked) and predator (unvaxxed and unmasked). Anything to stoke fear. Sound familiar?

The point is, it would be easy to just plug in COVID, with all its accompanying hysteria, in place of the “toxic pellet.” As we just experienced, in the real world, like this little animated movie, fear does always work.

If you have kids, you’ve probably already seen this movie. If not, and you have Disney+ or Amazon, I invite to watch a portion, starting at around the 1:23 mark. If you’re able to take the time to watch, I think you’ll agree that the parallels are uncanny.

Unfortunately, what we’ve experienced isn’t a cartoon movie, where the bad guys get caught, the sham is exposed and the perps are sent to prison.

Oh, if only that were true.

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