Feds demand states with bans STILL provide abortion in one circumstance

(Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash)
(Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash)

The Biden administration’s latest attack on states erupted on Monday, with a demand that states with abortion bans still must provide the procedure for women when it is an undefined “emergency.”

Joe Biden has been frantically trying to impose a new federal abortion “right” on America since the U.S. Supreme Court two weeks ago overturned the faulty Roe v. Wade, saying it was “egregiously” wrong from its beginning in 1973.

The ruling did not prohibit any abortion, but it left all such regulatory decisions up to states – and their voters – and many states already are imposing restrictions. Some have banned the procedure outright.

But a report in the Washington Examiner reveals that Biden is trying to impose the burden of doing abortions even where it’s not allowed by a state.

“Under the law, no matter where you live, women have the right to emergency care — including abortion care,” claimed HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, who is one of the most dedicated abortion promoters in the Biden administration, having attacked undercover journalists when he was attorney general in California after they uncovered abortion industry misbehavior.

Xavier Becerra (Video screenshot)
Xavier Becerra (Video screenshot)

“Today, in no uncertain terms, we are reinforcing that we expect providers to continue offering these services, and that federal law preempts state abortion bans when needed for emergency care,” Becerra claimed.

The statement is that hospitals must ensure patients get abortions when deemed “medically necessary in emergency situations.”

Becerra’s agency claimed its authority under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.

The report explained, “The Supreme Court’s decision last month to overturn Roe v. Wade has thrown physicians into legal limbo. On one hand, they could be prosecuted and even imprisoned for performing an abortion that law enforcement believes was not medically necessary despite healthcare providers’ opinions. On the other hand, they could risk losing patients.”

Under the process outlined by Becerra, taxpayers also would pay for the abortions.

The report said, “Under EMTALA, healthcare providers at hospitals that accept Medicare and Medicaid must provide emergency care regardless of the patient’s ability to afford it. It was initially intended to prevent patients in need of care from being turned away due to financial constraints. The Biden administration said the federal law trumps all state laws, including bans on life-or-health exceptions.”

Biden also has confirmed he’s looked at executive orders to restore the federal protections for the abortion industry, and has called on Congress to establish that in federal law, a move that already has failed.

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