For LGBTs, 'Q' means 'ReQruit'

Regular readers know that I am devoting my weekly columns in the month of June to pushing back against its designation across all the woke countries of the world as “Gay Pride Month.” Prophecy-oriented readers recognize the deep significance of this phenomenon, as I document in my book “The Petros Prophecy” (free upon request). MAGA patriots of all stripes are awakening to the centrality of the LGBT agenda to Cultural Marxism and the conquering army of Dem and RINO co-conspirators, as I have summarized in past articles. Virtually every clear-thinking, freedom-loving person in the world recognizes that the increasingly universal, increasingly mandatory celebration of same-sex attraction disorder is a kind of ideological tyranny. The smartest of them realize its ultimate goal is to impose groupthink upon humanity and criminalize dissent.

For about 20 years I have worked to educate the conservative movement about this process and goal which I call the Five Steps of Homofascism: Tolerance, Acceptance, Celebration, Forced Participation and finally Punishment of Dissent. Importantly, this is the process used to enforce submission to every part of the Marxist agenda, but the LGBT movement has always been the point of the Cultural Marxist spear, and every phase of the five-step process was perfected in the fight for so-called “gay rights” before being adapted for other issues.

For example, despite all the headlines the BLM/Antifa racism agenda has received in 2020 and ’21, that faction of the left lags far behind the LGBTs in actual power. Nothing else today, or in all of world history, compares to the imposition of “Gay Pride” on humanity, with every U.S. embassy in the world (and countless formerly Christian churches) flying the counterfeit “rainbow” flag for the month of June and extravagant triumphal parades occurring in thousands of cities in dozens of countries.

“Wokeness” is religious doctrine. It is just another name for “political correctness,” a term that emerged in the early 20th century to describe the forced ideological conformity (dogma) of the Soviet Union. It is common to all Marxist systems because Marxism is the comprehensive satanic alternative to the biblical worldview, or “faith,” the lens through which all things are viewed and interpreted.

The codified religion of the overarching Marxist “faith” is Secular Humanism, a religion formally recognized (in a footnote) by the U.S. Supreme Court in the very case that replaced Christianity with Humanism as the religious underpinning of the nation in 1947.

The moral code of Secular Humanism is “political correctness.” The “Scriptures” that teach political correctness are the Narratives. The “Scribes and Pharisees” of Secular Humanism are woke journalists and academics. It’s synagogues for training acolytes in the faith are America’s high schools and colleges.

The “Great Commission” of the Marxist “faithful” is to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of ‘social justice’ and teaching them to obey all that its ideals require of you.”

That brings us to the main contention of this article: that the abbreviation “Q” for “Questioning” in the acronym “LGBTQ” designates a category best described as “prime candidates for recruitment into the LGBT army.” “Q” effectively stands for “ReQruits,” and serves the same function for the Marxist faith that the term “seeker sensitivity” serves for the Christian faith – a system for and emphasis on attracting new members.

To be clear, by “recruiting” I primarily mean encouraging impressionable young people to experiment with same-sex conduct with each other. That is the implied and sometimes express purpose of adding Q to LGBT when used by advocates of sexual conduct outside of monogamous heterosexual marriage. And it is why I advise everyone who cares about the moral, emotional, physical and spiritual health of young people never to add “Q” to LGBT when referencing the coalition of people with same-sex attraction disorder and/or gender-identity disorder. To do so enlists you in the recruitment process whether you intend it to or not.

While adult recruitment of young people into same sex relationships does occur, and is especially common in male homosexual culture (related to the age-old phenomenon of pederasty), this problem is significantly eclipsed by the ongoing mass-recruitment of young teenagers into homosexual and/or transgender self-identification through culture-wide social engineering, marketing and propaganda.

In America before and during WWII, the consensus of the people was generally Christian, conservative and family-centered. The strength of those values as the engine of culture reached a crescendo in the 1950s, and inertia kept that consensus alive even as it began to wane in the 1960s and beyond due to Supreme Court treachery and increasing Marxist agitation and subversion.

Today, the roles have reversed. A generally humanist, liberal and self-centered value system dominates, and the elites are pushing hard to create a consensus on those values. All along the change has been driven by the incremental systematic corruption of sexual morality, which has occurred through the intentional systematic activism of the LGBTs. Supporting the trend has been a steadily increasing number of “straight” allies who see opposition to the LGBT agenda as a threat to their own libertinism (which is why the LGBTs pushed heterosexual promiscuity first in the ’40s and ’50 before they came out of the closet in the 1960s to take their place at the head of the “sexual freedom” parade).

The cutting edge is now the T in LGBT, “transgenderism” – but it’s the “Q” we should be fighting against the hardest, because the “Q” implicitly presumes a new civil rights class protecting “children’s sexual choice,” which both legitimizes adult/child sexual relations such as pederasty (if the child wants or accepts it) and invites/encourages children to dabble in sexual deviance with each other.

Bottom line: Eschew the “Q.”

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