Former FBI official: Hillary Clinton's 'disinformation' used to deceive 2016 voters

Hillary Clinton speaking at the Brown & Black Presidential Forum at Sheslow Auditorium at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Jan. 11, 2016 (Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons)

A former FBI official has concluded that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democrat Party used “contrived disinformation” in an attempt to deceive voters before the 2016 presidential election, when she became a two-time loser with her loss to President Donald Trump.

“What [special counsel John] Durham is methodically doing, is laying out a case that the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democrat Party used contrived disinformation in a conspiracy, in a conspiratorial way, to deceive the American voter ahead of the election,” explained retired Assistant Director for Intelligence Kevin Brock.

He was appearing on the “Just the News, Not Noise,” television program.

“This is more than just political dirty tricks,” he explained. “Political dirty tricks usually have some foundation in truth. But they just made stuff up.”

Durham, in fact, is investigating the origins of the Democrats’ now-debunked Russia collusion claims they made against Trump as a candidate, and then later as president.

The charges were that Trump’s campaign was somehow colluding with Russia to win the American election, when the evidence now has revealed that it was the Clinton campaign that funded the fabrication of the “Steele dossier” claims, now known to be false, against Trump using some information from Russian sources.

There are claims now that the dossier itself, was, in fact, the result of Russian disinformation.

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It was Democrats – all the way up to the Obama-Biden White House – who were briefed on a plan by Clinton to spread disinformation about Trump in order to distract the American public from her own scandal in which she posted national secrets on an unsecure private email system.

Brock cited the evidence that Durham selectively has been submitting in his court cases. He’s already obtained one guilty plea from a former FBI employee who admitted changing evidence to make Trump look bad, and has filed charges of lying against two more.

One of those, former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, is scheduled for trial shortly.

“This is the way disinformation is really exposed, not by some contrived government agency, but by evidence presented in court that gets at the truth of what happened,” Brock told “Just the News, Not Noise.”

Just the News’ own report explained, “As the Biden administration pushes its new Disinformation Governance Board, the FBI’s former intelligence chief says he is now convinced Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign used ‘contrived disinformation’ to try to mislead Americans into believing Donald Trump was a Russian asset.”

Brock said he’s been impressed with Durham’s investigation to date.

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Sussman is accused of lying to the FBI when he brought to the agency various claims about Trump – and then said he was not acting on behalf of a client, when in fact he was. Durham’s evidence also has revealed the campaign’s own research team determined that some of the allegations against Trump were “b——-.”

The FBI carried on its “investigation” of the claims linking Trump to Russia for more than two years.

He suggested that the Democrats and the Clinton campaign actually flooded the FBI, CIA, State Department and select sympathetic media elements, all while trying to “sell the Russia collusion story,” even though the evidence was flawed, the report explained.

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