Fox News' Juan Williams perfectly fine with some 'cancel culture'


Juan Williams (Fox News video screenshot)

Left-leaning Fox News co-host Juan Williams apparently believes “cancel culture” is just fine when his side does it.

In a segment Tuesday on the “The Five,” fellow co-host Greg Gutfield pointed out that the left is trying “to ban books, muzzle conservatives and protest the inclusion of non-liberal voices.”

“They silence businesses, drop entire media platforms, trash careers and toss folks off social networks,” he said, referring to moves by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The fact that they are “private companies” doesn’t justify their actions, he said.

“It’s really about a new fascist mob out to silence all dissent using the private business as another excuse. And it’s genius,” Gutfield said. “The First Amendment can’t protect you when tech is in business with Uncle Sam, and that’s the system the left now embraces because they can use it against you.”

Gutfield said it’s “cute” when media figures “dismiss investigating our vulnerable election system when they’re still 100% certain Russians took advantage of our vulnerable election system four years ago.”

“That was their truth, along with the ‘Trump is Hitler’ refrain,” he said.

It then was Williams’ turn, reported BizPacReview.

“I just want to congratulate you for finally coming out against cancel culture, Greg, because as I recall for the last few years, somebody was saying, oh let’s have a boycott of Macy’s, let’s have a boycott of HBO, let’s boycott Goodyear, right?” Williams said.

Looking confused, Gutfield replied, “Who, me?”

Williams said he meant Donald Trump, to which Gutfield said: “That’s not me! Do I look like Donald Trump? Do all white people look alike?”

Williams persisted.

“I’m just saying – Donald Trump, Donald Trump, ‘Let’s boycott Apple!'”

Then Williams defended cancel culture.

“Here’s the thing. That’s cancel culture. It’s not cancel culture when you stand up for American democracy. It’s not cancel culture when you say to the 120-plus House Republicans who voted not to certify a free and fair election, to undermine American democracy, when you say to the seven Senate Republicans who did the same, you have damaged American democracy, and you will be held accountable, that’s not cancel culture.”

However, the Republicans who objected to slates of electors due to suspected irregularities or fraud argued they were carrying out their constitutional duty, just as Democrats had done in the election of every Republican president since the 1980s.

Gutfield then pointed out the double standard.

“Now do Adam Schiff, who lied about having proof of Russian collusion. I don’t want to embarrass you two days in a row,” he said. “He obviously lied, so we’re going to have to go down the list and impeach everybody or silence them based on your criteria.”

When Williams said he had a “whole list” of Trump’s lies, co-host Jesse Watters jumped in.

“I’ll see your list, and I’ll raise you one here. I can play this game all day where I pin deaths on Democrats just to shut them up,” Watters said.

His list, BRP reported, was:

  • “Fauci lied about masks, and then people died. You want to shut him up?”
  • “Nancy said come party in Chinatown, and then people died. You want to shut her up?”
  • “How about Joe Biden says there were WMDs in Iraq, people died. You want to shut him up?”
  • “How about all the lies that were told about police departments? Thirty fatalities resulted in that. Do we want to have Democrats raise their hand and swear before they get on TV?”
  • “Juan, a communist assassinated JFK. What did the Democrats do the next 30 years? They appeased communists. I mean, you’re telling me they want to go to war now against people that have doubts about the elections? What killed more people — the people at the Capitol or communists? Think about that.”

Watters wasn’t finished.

“You want to put the power to the federal government to tell you what a dangerous idea was. If that had happened, you wouldn’t have the civil rights movement, you wouldn’t have the anti-war movement, you wouldn’t have the pro-gay marriage movement. This pendulum, Juan, can swing the other way.

“Do you want to put a conservative in charge of what dangerous speech is? They can say abortion kills, and then they can shut down and cancel any pro-choice Democrat. You don’t want to go down that road,” he said.

“Have a little integrity, my man.”

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