Franklin Graham: I fear 'that the swamp has won'

Evangelist Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, the chief of the worldwide Christian ministry Samaritan’s Purse, says he fears “that the swamp has won.”

His comments came after President Joe Biden made a speech to a sparsely occupied U.S. House chamber in the Capitol, and proposed the unfunded spending of trillions of dollars.

One of his goals is to improve “infrastructure” but his critics have pointed out that only a fraction of his spending plans actually address infrastructure, and much of it would be spent on Democrat Party agenda points.

Online, Graham commented on Biden’s efforts to unleash government spending.

“As President Biden was giving his speech last night, I couldn’t help but think that the swamp has won. When President Trump came into office, he said he was going to drain the swamp. Well, sadly, it looks like the swamp rules,” he said.

“In the first two years of the Trump administration, we had the strongest economy this country has had in more than 50 years. President Biden and the Democrats are proposing a once-in-a-lifetime spending frenzy to rebuild our country.”

However, he noted, “I’ve flown from coast to coast and have driven from coast to coast, and I wasn’t aware that America needed rebuilding. Unfortunately, most of our representatives in Congress will probably go along with it, and this kind of spending will eventually be devastating for our economy and our nation.”

He warned if people want America to prosper, “the best thing is for the government to stay out of the way.”

Actually, America’s economy has surged back as many states report declines in COVID-19 cases and their businesses are allowed to reopen.

What is happening isn’t complicated, Graham said.

“What we are witnessing firsthand is the onset of socialism, where those in leadership want to teach Americans to look to the government to meet all of their needs. It just doesn’t work that way. This great nation was built on hard work and sacrifice—and most importantly, by the grace and blessing of Almighty God. We need to look at Him for help, not to the government. Pray for our nation and our leaders.”

The New York Times pointed out that Biden already has planned to spend $6 trillion, of which only a portion would be raised through new taxes on Americans, meaning the rest would be borrowed and repaid by future generations, who also would be held accountable for the interest that accrues.

Fox News reported on some of the extraordinary spending plans Biden has.

One item is that he wants to give “workers” up to $4,000 a month in paid leave.

The report described Biden’s goals as “one of the biggest overhauls to the social safety net in decades.”

Biden would turn over “billions” to set up “a guaranteed paid leave program” that would be available for a variety of reasons, such as a “health issue” or “a new child.”

He also wants to subsidize child care costs for families where both parents work, and pay child care workers at least $15 an hour.

Biden would fund just part of the expenses with “a litany” of taxes on Americans, the report said.

Trump, during his campaign for president in 2016, had said the Washington “swamp” needed to be drained, referencing the established bureaucracy and procedures under which Americans labored. He took a number of actions intended to address that issue, including one requiring elimination of old regulations for each new regulation imposed.

Biden took office and immediately reversed, through executive orders, much of what Trump had accomplished.

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