Free speech in America is over, kaput, dead as a doornail!

Donald Trump, the 45th U.S. president, gave a rousing speech Saturday, a most evocative address trouncing Joe Biden’s regime for his failures since stealing the office, and it was only broadcast nationally by C-SPAN!

That helps build my case that free speech is dead in America.

Fox News didn’t broadcast the address – even on a slow weekend!

Trump was delivering a speech to CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, but that is beside the point. I wanted to know where people could go to see it and hear it – live and unexpurgated.

Fox covered much of the Jan. 6 hearings in prime time. It was not about seeking ratings. It was about Fox being all done with Trump – the uncontested leader of the MAGA movement, which is very much alive and thriving, as the latest election results show.

In case you missed it, and it’s understandable you could have, Tudor Dixon won the GOP primary to challenge Gov. Whitmer of Michigan days ago. Kari Lake won the right to succeed the governor of Arizona, facing the Democrat in November. Everywhere you look at the results in the battleground states, Trump is succeeding with his endorsement. MAGA is on the march. And Fox knows it!

Do you think this doesn’t matter?

It matters!

The Big Tech manipulation of the media is nearly complete. Even Fox News operates under its sway. It’s not just a broadcast medium. It’s also one that operates on the internet. As such, it must conform to its masters. It must get online advertising, which means appeasing Google. It cannot live without it. Google can shut it off just like that – as it did so with WND some time ago.

The others favored by Big Tech have license to make up anything they wish – the more the merrier. Big Tech is the Big Media now. It’s the dog that wags media’s tails and keeps them all in line.

I didn’t know that when I was a part of the Big Media. WND was part of the Big Media then, pre-Trump. When we were still rocking and rolling and receiving tips from Google that was enough for us. I only found out too late when I threw WND into the Trump world what it would mean. But I have no regrets for having done so. For me, truth is truth and lies are lies.

It’s clear free speech is on its last legs in this country.

I don’t know how much longer it can last.

At least we will have an election that will be partly free – the most important midterm election to be held under the cloud of the biggest failure of a presidential election. It was obvious to anyone paying attention. All you have to do is watch “2000 Mules” – but Big Tech won’t allow it.

Big Tech will not allow anything it doesn’t control – that includes Fox News. (I love Tucker Carlson and Maria Bartiromo, but even they cannot say anything that is verboten by the network.)

We’ll have to see if we survive the Democratic Party’s attempts to prevent even a “partly free” election this year. Then we need it to be free enough to convince everyone to elect Donald Trump for his rightful second term in 2024. That means anyone who has the right to vote in national elections, by the edict of our Constitution – and no others. Is that clear? No illegal voting! No more cons! No more pandemic excuses!

It will be a miracle if we can pull it off – and I don’t know if we have enough goodwill with God to expect it. But I hope so, and pray so.

We must also pray for Donald Trump’s health and vibrancy for another six years so he can deliver us. He has come a long way and been through a lot.

Will you pray for that with me?

That’s not all we need to be praying for as long as there is so much corruption and evil lurking in America today. But it’s a good start. Amen?

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