Genital mutilation and sexual exploitation of kids. What's next?

Have you ever thought you live in Bizarro Land?

Did you ever imagine we would see things that were once unthinkable, inconceivable, incomprehensible, would become routine?

Think about it. How about doctors performing child “genital mutilation”? There’s simply no other way to say it or describe it. Yes, they have euphemisms to say it politely, to sell America that it’s really OK. But it’s just as monstrous, just as contrary to reason, just as hard to believe that it happens for money in once prestigious hospitals.

And then there is the obvious sexualization of children that takes place every day. I’m talking about them being “groomed” for sex as babies, little innocent kids, brought to drag queen story hours – by parents, no less.

This kind of thing was not done except in dark shadows until recently. I wish it wasn’t so. Now it’s being defended in the major media instead of being exposed.

There’s a new slur behind this – “stochastic terrorism” – that’s being used to mock, shame and deride the brave people who call this out for the crime it is. It’s another way of telling the world this kind of child exploitation isn’t happening – even thought we see it before our own eyes. One way this is done is that they accuse you of putting people’s lives at stake.

Of course, in the age of Big Tech “disinformation” rules, exposing all this can be a challenge. There are a lot fewer voices willing to risk all – like WND has. We’ve been permanently demonetized by Google and YouTube for a lot less.

Tucker Carlson is one who defies the odds. He fearlessly names names of those playing this game. Matt Walsh is another hero who has paid a price for breaking these stories.

Then there are the fearmongers, the deniers, like Brandy Zadrozny of NBC: “Online, including this Libs of TikTok account, which feeds larger media like Fox News stories, what has happened is a demonization of LGBTQ people, calling them groomers and pedophiles. This type of thing, whether we can say it’s motive or not, what we know is that it’s just another reason why LGBTQ people are scared.”

Children’s Hospital in Boston has admitted performing double mastectomies on children for no medical reason at all. There is no scientific justification for sexually mutilating kids. They are not doing it for a scientifically defensible reason. They are doing it because they believe in a very specific religious ideology – and for money. Is pointing that out an attack on gay people? Of course, it is not an attack on gay people. It has nothing to do with gay people. It has to do with the sexual mutiliation of children, which is wrong, period.

University of California, San Francisco Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in the world, is doing this as well. Here’s an actual quote from its website: “Genital surgery is being performed on a case-by-case basis more frequently in minors. In the absence of solid evidence, providers often must rely on the expert opinions of innovators and thought leaders in the field.”

Says Carlson: “Your child gets sexually mutilated, genital surgery that is irreversible not on the basis of science, but on the basis of innovators and thought leaders. It’s hard to believe that’s happening. That quote was scrubbed, by the way, after we reported on it, not because it wasn’t a real quote, but because it was a real quote. It was too incriminating.”

He adds: “That’s the sexual mutilation of children for no medical or scientific reason, simply because right now it is fashionable and consistent with a cult that has taken over a lot of the leadership of this country. But the fact remains, children are being destroyed by this. It should be a crime. The people who commit it should be in jail.”

Carlson recently exposed the latest ad for the clothing brand, Balenciaga. The Instagram photo they’re using to sell their products features a young girl holding a teddy bear in a bondage outfit. In addition, the ad contains an image of documents involving the U.S. Supreme Court case called Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition. That case struck down a law against kiddie porn. The ad campaign is an endorsement of kiddie porn, of child pornography.

“We reached out today to Balenciaga to get their explanation and they didn’t respond,” Tucker said. “So, we’re going to have to take that on face value and ask, where’s the moral outrage? We have an entire industry in this country comprised of moral outrage merchants.”

What’s going on here?

As Carlson says: “There’s no boycott. There’s no front-page New York Times editorial against it. … It’s right in your face, and no one’s saying anything. Again, Instagram had no problem with this. Until Elon Musk took over Twitter, Twitter allowed hashtags that explicitly linked to child pornography. Nobody said anything because crimes against children are no big deal. It’s thought crimes that are the real crimes.”

America has indeed become a nation that is dangerous for children and truth-tellers.

Watch Carlson’s segment:

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