'Geriatric nursing home patient' Biden reveals cheat sheet for behavior

President Joe Biden tapes video addresses on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)
President Joe Biden tapes video addresses on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Joe Biden, now being described as a “geriatric nursing home patient trapped in the White House,” has during a meeting there revealed his stunningly detailed – and embarrassing – instructions.

Including “YOU enter the Roosevelt room.” And then, of course since this otherwise would not be apparent: “YOU take YOUR seat.”

The Independent reported Biden flashed his “cheat sheet” from staff and images were snapped during a meeting with wind industry executives.

Titled “Offshore Wind Drop-By Sequence of Events,” the document details: “Enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.”

“YOU take YOUR seat.”

“Press arrives” followed by “YOU give brief comments (2 minutes).”

Then “Press departs” followed by “YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question.”

Biden is told, “Liz is joining virtually.”

Then, “YOU thank participants” and “YOU depart.”

Reporter Benny Johnson said, “Next time someone tries to tell you Joe Biden isn’t a geriatric nursing home patient trapped in the White House, show them this. … He needs a notecard with step by step directions telling him what to do, including ‘YOU take YOUR seat.'”

“Beyond embarrassing.”

Biden’s cognitive abilities have been doubted by many since before he was elected. Republicans have challenged him to take a cognitive test, which he’s refused, unlike President Donald Trump, who took one and passed with flying colors during his presidency.

That Biden uses cheat sheets isn’t new. He was spotted using one in March when commenting about Russia.

And he was seen using one during his first press conference as president last year.

Fox News’ host Sean Hannity noted, “HOLY SHEET! Biden’s president cheat sheet leaks online, reminds him to sit down,” on social media.

Lawyer Jenna Ellis pointed out, “It’s not normal to have to tell a grown man, YOU take YOUR seat.”

Another commenter wondered openly: “I want to know who’s seat they thought he was going to take without the emphasis.”

Another, anonymous, said, “When I was a nursing assistant at a local nursing home, we frequently made posters with instructions for the ‘memory challenged’ residents. Sure, Joe’s card was more convenient, but I think he’d benefit from large posters hung around the room(s).”

An ABC News/The Washington Post released just weeks ago said 54% of Americans don’t think he has the “mental sharpness” essential to be president.

Biden’s approval ratings at this point are at a record low, with a whopping 56% saying they disapprove of his performance.

The Daily Mail was blunt: “Thursday’s mess up was the latest in a series of gaffes that have included him losing his balance and falling over in public as well as saying what he should not.”

Of course, his verbal slips and flubs are legend, including when he once told a paralyzed supporter to stand up so the crowd could see him. He’s called Kamala Harris “president” and has forgotten the names of other officials he’s appointed. He’s introduced his granddaughter as his son.

Biden is heading toward the age of 80 at full speed.

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