Get serious about impeaching Biden & Harris – in 2023!

There’s no doubt about it.

Joe Biden will face a series of impeachment attempts to his “presidency” as soon as the new 2023 session of Congress begins – the first day!

Republican representatives are literally queuing up for the fight of a lifetime. And, though no president has ever been successfully convicted of a crime in the Senate resulting in expulsion from office, Biden could break the mold. He’s a historic case.

After all, there have been only three recent presidential impeachments, one for Bill Clinton and two for Donald Trump. None got the necessary two-third votes in the U.S. A fourth was also unsuccessful involving Andrew Johnson in 1868.

I say it’s high time to test the impeachment power to get the result the vast majority of Americans want!

Biden may be the most unpopular president EVER. Trump says he’s at least three times worse than any other president of the United States. I say he’s a total joke – and is discrediting every other man who occupied the office. His vice president, Kamala Harris, is even more hapless as the first “black” woman to hold the office.

There’s a new expression designed for the pair by Steve Bannon. “Elections have consequences. Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.” In other words, both of them must be dispatched quickly to save the nation. The order of the impeachments must be considered carefully, meticulously, prudently and thoughtfully.

Why? Because it will result this time in a complete regime change. That’s important. It has never been done before. It must be thought through – not in haste.

Let’s examine what has been done this term. There are currently three charges that have been brought against Biden already – one his first day in office! Representative for Georgia’s 14th congressional district Marjorie Taylor Greene announced impeachment charges filed against him on Jan. 20, 2021, involving abuse of power during his vice presidency. This was for the “laptop from hell” and what was exposed against Biden and his son, Hunter.

In September, Biden was notified of other charges brought by Republican Rep. Bob Gibbs for immigration failures at the southern border and the Afghanistan debacle.

Republicans are just a little too eager to get rid of Biden without giving a thought to Harris. It seems to me that both impeachments need to be handled at the same time because of the absolute urgency. Biden and Harris need to be shown the door together so that succession by the speaker of the House follows and the appointment of a new vice president – unless this merely is a “show” trial.

My thought, until recently, was to position Donald Trump as speaker of the House so he would be first in succession. For the first time Trump said he had no interest in this last week in an interview with John Solomon of Just the News and Amanda Head of Real America’s Voice. But there’s plenty of time to discuss this further with Trump – and PLAN APPROPRIATELY! Is the hope here for a succession scenario to be in place – or not? Is there any reason to do it otherwise?

We’re living in strange, uncharted and dangerous times. In the history of the United States, there has never been a successful impeachment! Are Republicans serious about it? This may be the only time to get Trump positioned NEXT YEAR to start governing. Is anyone considering it? If not, who will be president? Kevin McCarthy?

Has anyone discussed this with Trump? Is he willing to talk about a serious succession plan? Is this talk about dumping Biden serious? It appears to be our only opportunity to get our greatest president back in office early next year! We can’t leave it to chance.

Let me be frank. I’m serious about it. Not because I have thought about it longer and harder than anyone else, but because it’s POSSIBLE!

It would fix things fast. It’s not the only scenario, but it’s the quickest solution to the problem that faces the nation as we look around desperately to find one.

Is it foolproof? No, there are always unforeseeable circumstances that arise. But why can’t the principles consider it seriously?

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