'God is Bigger than the Boogie Man'

Back in the day when churches and Christian parents were always looking for Christian programming for their children to watch, a videotape series of “Veggie Tales” made it into a lot of both places. I stumbled onto it when we house sat for a friend from our church who went on vacation. I think the chorus of one popular song from the series went like this:

“God is bigger than the Boogie Man, and he’s watching out for you and me.” Looking at the world today, either many of us have regressed into one of these “Veggie Tales” narratives, or the series did in fact hold some importance for us that we have missed until now. That story, as I recall, was of a younger child who was afraid of the Boogie Man underneath his bed, and an older child singing the chorus, “God is bigger than the Boogie Man, and He’s watching out for you and me!”

I never thought the world would become a metaphor for “Veggie Tales,” but I must admit now that we have arrived. We have the evil villains, which in our version today are the world’s billionaires, who bought the world’s corrupt politicians and cultural icons, and actually believe that the people and icons they bought are going to stay bought.

Much of humanity seems to think that they can hide from it all by crawling underneath their bed until it’s all over. Didn’t they ever learn as children that under your bed is the first place the monsters hide? Maybe “Veggie Tales” should have been a thing much longer than it was!

I’d have to say right now that the most naive biblical view on earth is that God is going to cede control of his earthly creation (the Earth and humanity) to Satan. This worldview, if you will, neglects the most basic Christian teaching that Christ on the Cross and in His Resurrection defeated Satan for all of eternity. The only remaining weapon Satan and his followers have left is lies – the very same weapon Satan used to defeat Eve in the Garden (to cause her to question God’s motives and what He had actually said). Satan simply repackaged his own fantasy, promising Eve that if she disobeyed God and ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, she would become like God.

Both the billionaires and the world’s corrupt leaders who worship them have fallen for the same Big Lie Satan used on humanity in its infancy. Satan doesn’t own the Earth or humanity, and he’s never been able to create anything, other than murder, mayhem and empty promises (lies). Satan lost it all at the Cross. But he’s the best liar the world has ever seen, and his followers aren’t far behind. If you believe them over God, you are once again making the same mistake humanity made in its infancy. Think what you have suffered in your own life at the hands (and mouths) of liars. Then ask yourself, “Why would I give them more power over me and my life by believing their lies today?” No good can ever come of it.

God even had to create Satan’s own eternity for him and his followers: The Lake of Fire, which burns forever. So since the devil’s eternity has already been prepared for him and his followers, why would God give him the title deed to the Earth – and humanity?

God is THE master strategist, because He sees the end from the beginning. It doesn’t matter what dimension chess you think you are playing, if your opponent can see the end result of any move you or he makes before the move is made, how long will it be before you win a game? Satan may know a lot about Big Tech, and use it to target humanity, but he’s never going to win at God-dimensional chess.

Learn what Jesus purchased for us at the Cross. The Great Awakening God is ushering in will be Satan’s final God-dimensional chess match against the Grand Master of the Universe. He will fare no better than you, I, or any of the world’s billionaires and corrupt politicians, who think they can pull one over on God. Their eternity is already being warmed up for them. Look instead at what God is doing in the world right now, for you and me. You need never wonder again about God’s goodness toward us. The truth is in front of all of us.

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