Maybe you didn’t grow up around grandparents, in which case you might not be familiar with the expression, “Take this, it’s good for what ails you.” Presumably, if you were not around the generation prior to your parents but are familiar with the expression in question, then your parents passed it on down to you.

Maybe we are now in the era where much of what our grandparents and parents tried to pass on down to us would in fact be “good for what ails us.” Certainly, they lived through an era of pure propaganda dispensed with the government’s assistance through big media’s radio and television waves. Heck, the government even paid for the broadcasters and filmmakers to produce the propaganda! This “news” was designed to educate us to just how evil our wartime enemies were, how merciless they were, and how much hardship and endurance it would take on our part to win the war against them.

Was the propaganda effective? Well, America built internment camps for American citizens of Japanese ancestry, and the same government that did that marshaling big media and big tech to preach “Putin bad, Zelensky good!” This no doubt explains why the United States is giving Zelensky’s armed forces billions and billions of dollars worth of U.S.-produced weapons to drive the evil Russians out of Ukraine, while it placates the U.S. population with “news” about “Ukraine good, Russia bad” in between its commercials for the ruling American political party, which is busy depositing reelection checks received from those same weapons manufacturers. The shortage of wars has dwindled the election coffers of the party of peace, and someone had to step up to the plate before the next election contest.

Selling war as “good for what ails you” is difficult, however, but not nearly as difficult as selling world depopulation, especially when you and your family are on the overpopulation hit list. Where taxpayer money is involved, though, nothing is too hard for government goons devoid of even a shred of integrity. Is that in the job descriptions of our public servants these days? If not, maybe it should be. It would increase the applicant pool, so everybody could be hired to work for the federal government, just like in those evil former Communist countries like Putin’s Russia. I mean, what is wrong with those evil Russians, not wanting NATO’s nukes in Ukraine, pointed at Moscow. I guess Russia missed that lesson on what was good for what ailed them.

Yes, America’s presstitutes do have a history of telling us what is good for us. They even hire pollsters, so they can “adjust” the support of uniparty candidates through polls they have purchased. Then they generate the narrative of what is needed to survive the manufactured crisis by electing media-favored uniparty politicians, whom we all know are bound by their concept of duty.

Big media generate our fake news, and big tech defends it from criticism by … well, anybody, anywhere. Why is that surprising, though? Propaganda is the attack of the deep state. Censorship is the deep state’s defense. Hmm, no criticism must mean it’s a good idea and everyone agrees with it! I better get on board!

Did you know that since the beginning of time, Satan had had only one weapon? Lies. Perhaps it is no accident that Scripture refers to him as the “prince of the power of the air” – i.e., broadcasts, radio and television electronic waves, and the ones and zeros that comprise internet communications. For being a one-trick pony, he’s done quite well for himself.

How’s he doing for you, however? Do you like the propaganda pumped out over the broadcast airwaves and the internet’s electrons? Do you think government might just be big tech’s biggest customer – with citizens its biggest product? Hint: When everything is free, the product is you, your privacy and your right to exist when you disagree with big media and big tech’s deviltry.

Do you ever remember after you told Grandma or Grandpa that something you wanted was free, and they turned around and asked you, “What’s the catch?” Our grandparents and sometimes even our parents were pretty good at figuring out when things just didn’t add up. The catch today is that if you aren’t the customer buying something, then you are the product being sold to someone else.

Maybe today is the day we learn that questioning “free” stuff bestowed upon us by strangers and uniparty government-certified truth guarded on all sides by big tech erasing dissent really is … good for what ails us.

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