Google reaches a new low in its destruction of the free press

The secret to Google’s success is having more data on users than any other entity in the world – including the feared National Security Agency and all the domestic and foreign intelligence agencies in the world.

This information is then monetized, essentially by selling it.

It may not sound legal, but, so far, it hasn’t faced any government investigations into its monopolistic trailblazing efforts.

Google just pays off the government “watchdogs.”

It’s a scam. But it’s much more. It’s anti-American. It’s changing our very definition of free speech and freedom of the press. American is failing as a result – and time’s running out. It’s the tail wagging the dog. And the dog is us.

Google now controls the press – by FEAR! How does that happen?

Google sets the rules for the news media. How do they do it? They control all the functions on the internet. They have a monopoly on advertising (i.e. revenue) and they control traffic (viewership), and this allows Google to essentially control EVERYTHING!

In fact, Google’s control over the news media has now reached the point that, for all practical purposes, Google has become the press – through de facto one-party rule.

Google controls it all.

And this is the world WND lives in and has to navigate through. We can’t use Google’s search engine. We’re prevented from using the one and only major ad platform, Google Ad Manager. And most of the rest of the media operate in a state of constant intimidation and fear – of this TYRANT.

WND is now DEMONETIZED PERMANENTLY! That’s official. You simply can’t do what we do – tell the truth about the 2020 election, tell the truth about the pandemic, tell the truth about the southern border, tell the truth about the transgender agenda and so on – while Google is running the media!

WND readers and subscribers have been informed of the many ways the Big Tech Cartel has intentionally and purposely victimized the independent, conservative and Christian online media, ensuring they operate on an uneven playing field with the corporate “fake news” titans.

If you would like to help us fight this battle, please support WND with your voluntary contributions. It’s the ONLY way we can survive.

Google and Big Tech are a BEAST. It may be the No. 1 existential threat to the USA. I know it is to WND and what little is left of America’s truly free press.

Google uses all of its tricks to slant the news to the left and in support of the official Joe Biden positions. It’s not even funny. It’s more than a 20-1 ratio in their news feed, and the more “fake” the news, the more play it gets on Google.

Please, people, help us do our jobs. We have nowhere else to turn – except God. And we are already on our knees.

Over the next three months, by the end of June, we need to raise $100,000 over and above our regular expenses, in order to defend WND against a multitude of Big Tech cancellations, lawsuits and other predatory attacks. It’s that vital. We will be sure to update you on our progress.

Thank you all for your attention to this plea.

These people know what they’re doing, but God is watching.

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God bless you!

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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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