Google: The face of a robber baron monopolist

It’s just so … sickening.

Google charges more than twice its rivals for ad deals.

That’s just the latest report of an unredacted lawsuit, according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the suit by state attorneys general, one senior Google employee said the “analogy would be if Goldman or Citibank owned the NYSE.”

The suit argues that Google’s business practices inflate advertising costs, which brands pass on to consumers in higher priced products.

Google takes a cut of 22% to 42% of U.S. ad spending that goes through its systems, according to the suit, shedding new light on how the search giant profits from its dominating position in the internet economy.

This allows Google to selectively deny ad placement on WND and other conservative and Christian sites, by labeling those sites as EXTREMIST.

That’s how the internet works in 2021.

It’s disgusting. It’s un-American. They are little more than “robber barons.” Google is the very definition of a monopoly,

The unredacted filing Oct. 22 in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York came after a federal judge ruled that much of the antitrust suit could be unsealed.

The suit alleges the company has deployed strategies to “lock in” publishers and advertisers and help the company’s ad-buying tools win more than 80% of auctions on its exchange, a newly revealed figure. It gives a window into Google’s overwhelming dominance of advertising, citing Google documents that say the company served 75% of all online ad impressions in the U.S. during the third quarter of 2018.

WND was one of the first to feel the agony of this unequal treatment – and one the first to be targeted for extinction by Google. The suit cites programs, with code names such as Bell, Elmo and Poirot, that helped Google generate more than $1 billion in sales.

The case argues that Google’s business practices inflate advertising costs and alleges that Google suppresses competition from rival exchanges and limits websites’ options for ad delivery.

Led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and joined by 15 states, the suit complements a separate antitrust case by the U.S. Justice Department and 38 state attorneys general focused on Google’s search services, as well as a Utah-led lawsuit targeting the Google Play app store. Those cases are set for trial in 2023 or later.

Of course, this suit is not one that will be heard nearly soon enough to tilt the online playing field to save WND or make amends for cutting our traffic and revenues by MILLIONS of dollars since the magic year of 2017 – not coincidentally, President Trump’s first year in office.

Then we were on a trajectory to make at least $15 million a year and remain one of the largest websites in the world for 20 years! Now, we have been forced to downsize to about $1 million in revenue, largely by establishing a nonprofit arm, the WND News Center.

Smaller advertisers pay larger fees. Transacting on a separate system called Google Display Network, they pay fees ranging from 32% to 40% to Google. The rates are in line with Google’s public statements that publishers receive 68% of revenue from AdSense, a tool to serve ads to smaller websites.

It’s an abomination! Almost no news websites can make it with those kinds of fees.

But we will – despite how tough it is.

Because we count on you – the America people, the MAGA audience!

We have far fewer staff today, but we work twice as hard – because we believe America is worth saving.

We don’t believe in FAKE NEWS. We believe in the real thing.

I’ve been calling attention to all this openly since January 2018 – having no other place to turn for help but to our most loyal audience developed over the last 25 years.

We need to stop this cabal dead in its tracks. We need to preserve our nation’s precious First Amendment freedoms. But it won’t be easy. We’re fighting right now for our nation’s very survival – like never before.

We will need a warrior leader, like President Donald Trump, elected in 2024 before we have a chance to solve the crisis that has engulfed America and made it the laughingstock of the world.

And to get that requires election integrity and an overpowering rebuke of the Democrats in 2022.

I hope and pray you will join this fight – TODAY! Help us to re-create our space in this marketplace! Give a little, and pray for us!

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