GOP not giving Georgia Republicans a reason to vote

As the Georgia runoff election approaches, Republican voters find themselves asking, “What’s the point?” Besides the candidates for the two U.S. Senate seats, people from around the country have descended on Georgia to campaign for one side or the other. Celebrities are coming in from California to raise money, campaign and use their social media to promote Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. President Trump has held rallies for Republicans David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, and various national GOP figures have been in the state trying to rally conservatives. But there is a palpable lethargy among some Georgia Republican voters.

As more and more evidence of voter fraud or ballot-counting irregularities is reported, and dismissed by major media as unfounded conspiracy theories, Republicans in Georgia and other states have to ask, what is to prevent the same things that happened during the Nov. 3 general election from happening Jan. 5 (or future elections everywhere)? If the same voting machines, voting procedures and ballot-counting practices are in place, why should anyone believe their vote will make any difference? Even presuming the truth of Democrats’ and major media’s insistence that there was no election fraud in November, there are several undisputed facts to validate concerns about the legitimacy of the election.

It is undisputed that vote-counting was stopped in Fulton County at the same time as other Democrat-controlled cities in otherwise conservative states. In Atlanta, the excuse was given that a water main broke and ballot-counting had to stop. It is also undisputed that election observers were sent away during this time and a subsequent Open Records request revealed there was no burst water pipe. Once observers were sent away, video shows cases of ballots being opened and scanned. As in other cities that stopped counting ballots, President Trump held a large statewide lead in Georgia that magically vanished once ballot-counting resumed, with ballot dumps for Joe Biden in statistically impossible numbers just sufficient enough to offset vote tallies from other counties and flip the state for Democrats.

It is also undisputed that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger have shown a surprising determination to certify the state’s election results no matter what is presented to them. Voters concerns are shrugged off, minimized or even mocked. Elected Georgia Republicans and GOP officeholders elsewhere have joined Democrats and major media to downplay the multiple reports of fraud and the incredible middle-of-the-night stoppages and just accept the result.

In addition to ballot-counting irregularities, the late changes to rules such as mail-in voting, extending early voting for weeks or months, extending the counting to well past election night and other Democratic efforts to increase the opportunity for fraud, it appears to many that courts are not interested in giving a fair hearing to Republicans. Among other examples, this week Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner – the sister of failed 2018 gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams – refused to recuse herself from hearing a lawsuit and ruled against cleaning up voter rolls, an issue on which her sister is a vocal critic and activist.

In the months before the general election, Democrats and major media lectured Americans that the result of the election would not be known for weeks or possibly months. Within a day or two, when it appeared Biden would have enough electoral votes, the narrative flipped and we were ordered to accept the election results immediately. Democrats and media now insist that even questioning the outcome is tantamount to treason and is destroying our nation. This after four years of insistence that President Trump’s 2016 election was illegitimate, rigged or otherwise stolen from Hillary Clinton.

Through it all, Republicans now appear to be doing what Republicans did before Donald Trump became a candidate: surrender. Their historic refusal to stand up and fight during the quarter century before 2016 is likely the main reason for Trump’s nomination and presidency.

Between voter fraud, ballot-counting irregularities, courts’ refusal to address voters’ concerns, the GOP’s refusal to fight for their voters, and now President Trump and Republicans passing the same outrageous spending bills championed by Democrats, it seems the GOP has given up.

As long as election fraud and secret ballot-counting are allowed to go unchallenged by most Republicans, it is not unreasonable for voters to ask, “What’s the point in voting?” If officials refuse to address concerns that elections are fraudulent, then Republican voters are justified in feeling like their participation is only ceremonial, because the outcome will be determined by cheating. In that case, GOP voters would only be participating to give an appearance that Democratic victories are legitimate. And, even if Republicans were to win, those elected officials are voting the same way as Democrats. GOP voters need a reason to come to the polls and to vote for Republicans.

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