GOP senator joins in the narrative twisting

The big surprise of the second Trump impeachment trial was that Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., voted to convict the former president. Burr is the same senator who shared his committee chairmanship with Mark Warner (Democrat), found that Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong with Benghazi and was accused of insider trading from the information he received about COVID. One wonders, did someone threaten Burr? Was he bribed? Was he compromised?

Sen. Burr sent a canned email to me dated Feb 15, 2021, about why he voted to convict President Trump. In that letter, he claimed that Trump needed to be held accountable for the armed insurrection at the Capital on Jan. 6, for the seven people who died, and for lying to Americans that Biden won because of election fraud. But Burr is wrong … just like all those other senators who voted to convict Trump.

As per the evidence that has come out since Jan. 6, only two people died as a result of the event itself, and just 10 people were charged with gun offenses – from a pool of a couple hundred thousand Trump rally attendees. Not seven dead – and not five dead as the impeachment prosecution claimed.

As of Thursday, the FBI and Capitol Police had arrested just 280 people, most for “trespassing” the Capitol building, despite all the videos law enforcement has at their disposal. That’s 280 – dramatically less than the 10,000 the New York Times claimed “stormed” the building.  And 35 Capitol police are now being investigated for allowing those people to enter the building.  The police allowed them to enter.  That is not “storming” the Capitol. Trespassing is not an armed insurrection.

Since the Jan. 6 event, the New York Times retracted its original story about the incident, which was anonymously sourced. Three officers did not die because of the event, as originally reported. Two officers committed suicide several days later, and a third officer the Times claimed died of an injury to his head actually died likely from a stroke many hours after the event. There was no injury to his head and no video of anyone hitting him with a fire extinguisher, as the Times originally claimed. So the two citizens, one shot by police and the other trampled, were the only people to die because of the Capitol “trespassing” itself. Not seven and not five.

About election fraud: What court dismissed any election fraud case because of merit or insufficient evidence? What court ruled that there was no election fraud? Certainly not the Supreme Court. So why isn’t the government assigning a special prosecutor to investigate possible 2020 election fraud just the same as Robert Mueller was assigned to investigate possible collusion between Trump and Russians to affect the 2016 election?

The point is that Richard Burr and so many other senators have their facts totally wrong. Their anti-Trump bias got in the way of making objective decisions. And they are making decisions for the nation every day.

So how do we Americans trust that they make good decisions for this country when they got their facts so wrong about the impeachment of President Trump?

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