Gordan Chang calls Kerry's dismissal of China's genocide 'repulsive'

It’s clear that the Biden regime is willing to give up the human rights of minorities in China to obtain a climate deal, according to China expert Gordon Chang.

The question now is what ELSE is Biden willing to “give up” to get that climate agreement.

Chang, a well-known expert on China, the author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” and a Gatestone Institute distinguished senior fellow, wrote about the issue on the organization’s website, describing Kerry’s action at “repulsive.”

He cited the response from Kerry, Biden’s climate czar, when he was asked about trading off human rights to obtain climate concessions.

“Well, life is always full of tough choices in the relationship between nations,” Kerry responded.

“What is wrong with Kerry’s response? For one thing, such a trade-off violates the Genocide Convention of 1948, which requires signatories, such as the United States, to undertake ‘to prevent and to punish’ acts of genocide. China is committing ‘genocide,’ as defined in Article II of the Convention, against Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Turkic minorities,” Chang explained as a start.

Then, he explained, Kerry “was going back on his word. In January, he said that climate was a ‘critical standalone issue’ and promised that other matters ‘will never be traded for anything that has to do with climate.'”

Additionally, he explained, “Kerry should know by now that, as a practical matter, no trade-off is possible with a militant communist regime such as the one run by the Communist Party of China.”

He said Kerry likes tradeoffs – now – because China has made it clear there would be no cooperation on climate without “American cooperation across-the-board.”

“The Beijing regime has, over the course of decades, attacked fundamental U.S. interests by, among other things, inciting violence on American streets, deliberately spreading COVID-19 beyond China’s borders to America and the rest of the world, exporting fentanyl to the U.S. despite agreements to the contrary, stealing U.S. technology and other intellectual property, rejecting the principle of freedom of navigation, threatening to grab territory from American allies, and proliferating nuclear weapons technology,” Chang explained.

Now China knows it has no defense to “mass rape, slavery, torture, and killing of minorities,” and when Biden does not talk about those crimes, “it relieves great pressure on the Chinese regime.”

America learned from Chinese comments after the last election that with President Trump gone, China’s chiefs “now feel they can do whatever they want.”

“Kerry is reinforcing that dangerous Chinese mindset by not talking about human rights,” Chang wrote. “He is surrendering the most important leverage the United States has over China. Even if he thinks he should try to obtain China’s cooperation on climate — a debatable goal — he is going about it the wrong way.”

The way to get cooperation is to impose “great costs” on China for not cooperating.

Worse yet, “Beijing believes signals of friendship show American weakness,” he wrote.

“The lesson is clear. Even if one does not care about human rights, it is not productive to ignore China’s atrocities. Although these rights may not be important to [Hillary] Clinton or Kerry, the issue is critically important to an insecure regime like China’s.”

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