PG&E is inundating northern California residents with warnings of the no-power apocalypse. The frantic messages proclaim if people keep using electricity there will be no electricity, and so they must stop using electricity. Which is to say, California does not have the power to deliver power to the people.

California government deliberately reduced production of energy during the past 50 years, and thus has to beg and borrow and sometimes do without. A little history is necessary, and the lessons are worth learning.

First, thank you Gov. Jerry Brown Jr. When Brown was elected governor the first time, he declared war on hydrocarbon fuels, cars, freeways, dams, water distribution systems, refineries, fuel distribution systems, prisons, single family housing and just about everything his daddy, the first Gov. Brown, had worked to build. Jerry had four terms and 16 years to turn California dreaming into sidewalk tent living. He was very good at destruction.

Daddy Brown was the last governor to advocate building things to accommodate California’s rapidly growing population. He was a forceful advocate for the interstate freeways and the California Aqueduct.

When his son took over in the mid-1970s, the state’s population was 19.6 million people. When the state finally freed itself from Jerry Brown Jr. 40 million people lived in the Golden State.

But only one nuclear power plant was left, and it was scheduled to be forcibly closed by 2025. Environmentalists were waging a war of legal action against utilities that created hydroelectric power. The tactic was simple. Initiate a steady stream of harassment lawsuits until the cost of operating hydroelectric plants exceeded the sale of the power.

Emblematic of the mindset of the California Democratic Party was the destruction of the town of Paradise in 2018. Fire gutted the lovely northern community, and when Gov. Jerry Brown Jr. made his obligatory photo opt visit to survey the aftermath, among the first words he uttered was the muse that “perhaps people should not live here.” State and local government adopted that attitude, making recovery very expensive and very time consuming. The result was people with a fire insurance compensation check abandoned California, purchased a better home elsewhere and left the rest of us to deal with Brown et al.

This week’s crisis was planned. It was carefully constructed, and it is continues to be the only game in town. California is a one-party state. That is why nothing changed when Brown left office and Gov. Gavin Newsom arrived.

So the current crisis is not going to be solved by setting one’s thermostat at 79 degrees and eating a green salad for dinner while you watch the deer and other wildlife drop dead for lack of water. Been there, done that.

And the full story is not just a brownout or a blackout. Here is a peek at living the California dream. A retired senior couple living just north of Sacramento two months ago received an $808 electric bill and responded by carefully planning, living in partial darkness and limiting use of ceiling fans – so this month’s bill was reduced to $708. To add an insult, PG&E showed up unannounced in August to replace the couple’s Smart Meter. In the process PG&E broke the home’s main circuit breaker. Because the electric panel is the homeowner’s property, the $600 repair bill was added to the $808 electric bill, bringing the pleasure of doing business with PG&E for 30 days to $1,408. So much for the reasonable “you break it you fix it.” So much for human kindness, compassion, consideration and civility. PG&E can kiss the darkness.

The rolling backouts, ordered by the state and executed by the utility, literally imprison some people in their homes. One of these octogenarians mentioned above requires use the of an oxygen separator 24/7. During the threat of interrupted electrical service, that means someone has to be at home to power up the $2,000 emergency generator and plug in the oxygen machine and the refrigerator. So if there is no guarantee of power to the house, the person who does the shopping etc. cannot leave to run those errands.

Newsom is going to take care of that problem soon. He and the Democratic Party have outlawed gasoline generators, propane-powered generators and natural gas generators. Of course, the laws do not take effect until these Democrats who voted for the bans are safety out of office. Right now the suffocating of senior citizens is a high priority in the Newsom administration.

Then there is the problem of not being able to charge that $60,000 electric-powered vehicle. What happens if the entire day shift at the local police station cannot show up to work because of a Gavin Newsom power outage, or the power blackout left the electric patrol cars running on empty? It would be a little frustrating to see the fire engine sitting by the side of the road, stopped a block away by a dead battery while your house burns to the ground.

Fire trucks depend upon diesel engines generating power to drive those water pumps. It is impossible to know how long it will take to put down a house fire, but put your trust in a diesel engine over a battery made in China.

Speaking of a house fire, those solar panels just keep generating electricity, which makes fighting a fire much more dangerous. But the climate cultists do not care. They are on a mission to remake societies all over the world. And if 4 million people have to starve to death to do it, well, that’s just the cost of a utopian existence. Hydrocarbon-based fertilizer has joined fossil fuels as an antiquated old-world idea. Without it, crop yields will be cut in half, or worse.

There, high above the starving multitudes will be Gov. Gavin Icarus, his career soaring ever higher and higher, until the wings fall off.

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