Government Bloatware was not part of our 1st operating system

Government always works. But the better question often is, just whom does it work for?

From its initial creation, the United States Constitution was a marvel of bloatware-free government efficiency. The states all already had their own governments. Still, there were things that they found difficult to accomplish among themselves. Resolving legal disputes between states, diplomatic relations with other nations, invasion and defense of multiple states by a foreign enemy all come to mind.

The Founders managed the impossible: They created a new government that didn’t absorb the governments that created it. Fedzilla was designed to complement, not consume, the state governments. For instance, to resolve disputes between the states, the Constitution created a Supreme Court, which would handle such matters.

Another miracle the Founders achieved was to finance the new federal government with tariffs. This was in essence a tax paid by other nations that wished to sell things they made to citizens of the various states. Here was the brilliance of that form of financing: The federal government was incentivized to find and develop new markets for American goods and services. The only way Fedzilla could grow in size was to help the states and people prosper! Even in our era China used this model to expand its own trade reach to other nations.

Imagine what it would be like if the United States government actually helped those persons and businesses that were making things (employing people) and selling them to citizens of other nations! Why, the federal government would have the same ambitions and goals as productive enterprises nationwide! Imagine what a nation so empowered could do!

There were basically two groups of people who hated this system: government employees, and the Banksters. Government employees wanted more government employees, because, well, more is always better, and you must supervise people to advance your career and increase your income. So government must always grow, which requires more money to pay new employees and give raises to new supervisors. This pesky tariff financing was too much work. America was prosperous, but government was feeling pinched for finances. It was all so unfair!

Now imagine for a moment if we had a government full of people whose job it was to make American citizens more prosperous? And that by achieving this (expanding markets for American-produced goods and services) they could themselves grow the size of their own government enterprise. Is there anybody in Fedzilla that now feels that way? One? Anywhere? Why not?

That’s my point. Fedzilla can only grow by making the rest of the nation less prosperous. This is a combination of income taxation to finance Fedzilla and the mindset of government employees in devising regulation to justify their existence. Regulation is a state government issue. But, oh how much more convenient for corporate monstrosities to have a single point of regulation – one that most assuredly will not fit all. Not only that, but the regulation can be used to stifle new competitors with smaller markets.

Here’s something even more current: pensions. Government pensions at all levels are all salary continuation schemes that the employer (government) pays into by taxing citizens. Those citizens are nearly all on their own for pensions and retirement: Whatever they can save or invest and that doesn’t get taxed away is what they are expected to retire on. So the bulk of us continue to be taxed for pension contributions for government workers who are themselves retired. Government workers are truly immortal, at least in the financial realm.

It is immoral and stupid to incentivize government employees to prosper without requiring them to act in a way that prospers American citizens who work outside of government. This is true in all levels of government. Our founders recognized that and avoided the taxation traps that have neutered many other nations (including ours, today).

A house divided against itself cannot stand. True in biblical days and true today. But our politicians and elected leaders know so much more than God, right?

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. 4 in the Armageddon Story novel series

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