Government schools: Cultivating the stupidest generation

American schools are cultivating ignorance in children. The goal of public education no longer is to teach; it is to indoctrinate students with a radical left-wing agenda. Academic achievement is not required or even desirable.

Want proof? Look no further than the “ethnomathematics” curriculum spreading like wildfire. “Apparently, one example of ‘white supremacy’ in math is teachers asking students to ‘show their work’ when solving math problems,” observes Jarrett Stepman with the Daily Signal. “According to class materials, this requirement reinforces ‘worship of the written word as well as paternalism.’ Students are encouraged to make TikTok videos rather than bow to the ‘paternalism’ of writing things down.”

Is this pure baloney or what?

Putting aside the ethics of turning math into a racist subject, a practical question remains: Why aren’t children being taught math? How will they function as adults if they’re unable to add two and two? How will they balance their checkbooks, handle a bank loan, calculate a tip, or make change at a store? Why are children deliberately being kept stupid?

Schools are banishing lessons about World War I and II, the Holocaust, the Civil War and other historical milestones. New priorities include LGBTA+ “awareness” and “systemic racism.” Educators are deliberately cultivating the stupidest generation in the history of America. What other explanation is there when children are not permitted to know the sum of two and two?

Why does public education exist at all if its only goal is to keep children ignorant? That is not a rhetorical question; I honestly want to know. What is the purpose of school if no one will be taught that 2+2=4? Or worse, that the correct answer to 2+2 is racist? The answer is obvious: school is to indoctrinate, not teach.

I once heard a sobering story about how Russian communists had mis-educated generations of schoolchildren. These kids learned nothing about history, science, math, literature, or anything else useful. They simply were taught communist propaganda for their entire young lives. How – please tell me how – does this differ from what is currently happening in the American public education system?

So yes, schools today are deliberately cultivating ignorance. Math is racist, history is racist, science is racist (or sexist or patriarchal, take your pick), language arts are racist, geography is racist. Students “graduate” from high school with no practical knowledge in any field except that of victim or oppressor.

Apparently, it’s preferable in school for children to know they are victims of racism but not of educational neglect in being unable to add two and two. This is why we hear tragic stories such as the teen with a grade point average of just 0.13 who was ranked near the top half of his class. What hope is there for this young man’s future?

Students who go on to college – no matter what their original area of interest – emerge with a uniform degree in social justice and an across-the-board aspiration to become activists in various leftist causes.

To achieve these remarkable results, instructors (from K12 through university level) are carefully curated to weed out any hint of conservatism. Literally. Teachers are required – required! – to teach a progressive worldview, no exceptions. Teaching licenses are hinged not on curricular competence, but the affirmation of false political creeds.

The results, predictably, are generations of schoolchildren – just like in communist Russia – in which graduates learned nothing about history, science, math, literature, or anything else useful. They simply are taught extreme left-wing propaganda for their entire young lives. God help us all.

Forget the soft bigotry of low expectation. Now we’re morphing into the bigotry of NO expectations, for any student. “Taking a lowest common denominator approach to developing school curriculum has never consistently worked, anywhere,” observes Jeff Davidson in PolitiCrossing. “It frustrates the students and dramatically increases a teacher’s burden.” And we wonder why America ranks among the lowest in international test scores?

“What kind of idiot parent,” rhetorically asks a writer going by the name of “Liberty Paige,” “would actually pay more than $100K (or allow their child to get into that debt) in order send their kids to a college to be oppressed with no free speech rights and then come home four years later with an education that gets them a job at McDonald’s? Are parents insane? It makes no sense to pay that much money to a college for the privilege of letting them brainwash your kid, teach them lies and then turn them back over to you as a hateful person who thinks they are a victim with no real chance to get a decent job.”

The only thing modern college degrees are good for is getting jobs as Diversity Nazis at a variety of woke companies, creating yet more wokeness. And if no such job comes available, that’s OK. BLM and Antifa are always hiring. There are cities to trash! Businesses to burn! Law enforcement officers to torment! And so the downward spiral continues.

Karl Marx infamously said, “Take away a nation’s heritage and they are more easily persuaded.” George Orwell reiterated this in his novel “1984”: “‘Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.'” This is why we actually have college students who support repealing the Constitution. They are ignorant of the freedoms they take for granted.

A Princeton mathematics professor named Sergiu Klainerman, who grew up in communist Romania, warns that this current classroom dogma is dangerous: “When it comes to education, I believe the woke ideology is even more harmful than old-fashioned communism.”

No surprise, studies have shown a decline in intelligence in Western nations. It’s also why more and more people are suggesting that children would be better off “feral” than going to schools that turn them into anti-American racists.

Meanwhile there is a nation poised for world domination, a nation that tolerates no diversity whatever and refuses to pander to snowflakes, a nation that tackles STEM subjects with deadly seriousness. This nation is doubtless cheering the woke revolution currently eviscerating the American school system. They will be poised and ready to step into the intellectual vacuum we ourselves are creating by cultivating ignorance in children.

The only silver lining to the school closures of 2020 and the pathetic attempts at distance learning is that it has offered parents – often for the first time – a window into the indoctrination being blatantly shoved down their children’s throats. They’re seeing a radical agenda devoid of any academic content molding the brains of an entire generation.

Maybe – at last – parent will wake up and refuse to put their children through this kind of hell.

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