Great Reset likely by sundown, Sept. 25

On Oct. 17, 2021, I published my first article predicting a wintertime “great collapse” of the global economy to prepare the world for the Great Reset to global governance in the spring. On March 8, 2022, I updated and revised my timeline to push the Great Reset into the summer or fall, because I had missed an essential element of the globalist strategy, which was the setup of a scapegoat (Vladimir Putin) to blame for the collapse.

The collapse did in fact kick off in the winter with the unprecedented anti-Russian sanctions package (which is doing far more harm to the U.S., EU and NATO countries than to Russia – contrary to what our media want us to believe) but is only now becoming truly painful to average Americans. It will get much, much worse from here: worldwide famine, pestilence and a massive death toll (but we’ll probably suffer less than most of the rest of the world will).

I should have realized that the level of pain necessary to break the will of we stubborn and independent Americans would take a while to reach – and would need to persist long enough to shatter our hopes of a quick fix. In my April 11 WND column, “The how and when of a Biden resignation,” I even suggested the great collapse could possibly stretch past the 2022 election cycle all the way to 2024, but I still think the recovery/reset will most likely begin this fall – in large part because that’s the start of the next seven-year Shemitah cycle on the biblical calendar – and that would be the obvious time for a seven-year peace treaty to begin, if the majority view on “Daniel’s 70th week” is correct.

It’s easy to see the possible need for a global peace treaty in this season of war and rumors of war. We’re seemingly on the brink of WWIII, which the elites seem eager to trigger. And I’ve said all along that WWIII would provide the perfect opportunity for Israel to smash Iran’s nuclear ambitions once and for all, which would set the stage for many Middle East prophecies to be fulfilled, like the utter destruction of Damascus (Syria being a key ally of both Iran and Russia).

I would love to be wrong about this, but all the prerequisites for the Antichrist kingdom appear to be in place or close to being so. Barna just released a survey showing only 37% of U.S. pastors hold a biblical worldview, and only 12% of youth pastors – so the age of apostasy is seemingly upon us. I’ve become a broken record on the theme that we’re clearly in the season of lawlessness and delusion described in 2 Thessalonians 2. And now we’re seeing the Days of Noah being reenacted in our grandchildren’s Kindergartens! … defended by Big Business, Big Media, Big Tech and Big Government. The level of insanity can only be explained by demonic delusion.

So here’s my best guess for how this all plays out in the remainder of 2022. I think we will see the Ukraine war spill over into at least a regional, but probably global conflict. The Biden/Obama/Soros team will do everything in its power to goad Russia into some sort of military action that can be characterized as intentional escalation on Russia’s part. If that doesn’t work, they will stage a false flag attack on a NATO ally, or potentially against a target within U.S. territory or that of a U.S. protectorate, as justification for direct U.S. and NATO engagement with Russia and its allies. I believe there will be some sort of limited nuclear exchange (or something comparable in destructiveness or impact) that will be so shocking to the world – and so devastating to the global economic and political order – that the Great Reset will be welcomed by all the nations of the earth, within the context of a global peace treaty.

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I think all of this will likely happen by the evening of Sept. 25, when Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets begins, the start of the next seven-year Shemitah cycle. If there is to be a pre-Trib Rapture (which I would like to be true but don’t think is biblical), this two-day Trumpets holiday would be when it would occur. The theme of Trumpets is and has always been resurrection.

I would expect the Great Reset to be kicked-off or at least accompanied by a global debt jubilee. And I believe the global leader championing that jubilee will be the Antichrist himself, because he will follow the pattern of the Messiah, in which all the elements of Christ’s liberation of mankind are present, but inverted and counterfeit. One of the first actions of Jesus Christ in His earthy ministry after He returned from His confrontation with Satan in the wilderness, was to declare the Jubilee (Luke 4:16-21), which occurs once each 50th year. Importantly, Jubilee years always begin on the Day of Atonement, 10 days after Trumpets, but even more importantly, 2022 is NOT the year of Jubilee in the biblical calendar as I understand it (the last one was in 2015), so this one would be a false, counterfeit Jubilee.

And this timeline would bring in the Great Reset just in time to dominate the November elections. Who would that Antichrist be who orchestrates all of this and turns the Red Tsunami into a Purple Rout? My money is still on Obama. Again, I hope I’m wrong! If not about the timeline, then about the timing of the Rapture. But I think we’re intended to go through this emerging season of tribulation as eyewitnesses of the last days. If so, what stories we will have to share around the heavenly campfires in eternity!

In any case, gird yourself for a very rough ride, focus on the priorities of family and faith, and get yourself right with God.

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