Green-energy profiteers usher in a dystopian nightmare

Let me first set the record straight. I have no problem with any form of energy. We can use it all – coal, oil, gas, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass and, yes, even solar and wind.

What I and many reasonable Americans take issue with is the idiotic green agenda that has taken hold in this country, due to the myth of climate change.

I’ve said it before but I guess it bears repeating: Climate change is real. It’s all the climate has ever done since there was first a climate on Earth. Any moron can understand that.

What isn’t real is man-caused climate change. To prove this one only has to hearken back to years ago when no one used the term “climate change.” Back then it was “global warming.” But when was the last time you heard those two words. Ever wonder why?

Well, because the “inconvenient truth” is that globe naturally warms and cools all the time, so the green profiteers can’t be seen as wrong when the globe cools. Call it climate change – rig the game, and they’ll always be right.

According to experts, “Renewable energy has the potential to meet demand with a much smaller environmental footprint. …”

And I have the potential to become the next Ironman. Isn’t “potential” great!

Yet by their own admission, the entire “renewable energy” sector, which includes hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass and, of course, wind and solar, only supplies 12.5% of America’s energy needs.

And the darling projects of the left, wind and solar combined, account for a paltry 4.6%. After all the taxpayer “investment” made in these two green boondoggles, we’re at 4.6%. Yet somehow this green energy, by 2030 or 2050, or whenever, will magically be able to make up the difference.

In March of this year, the Guardian reported, and the Biden administration agrees, that, “The U.S. should ensure almost all new cars and light vehicles sold are electric by the end of this decade, and stop using fossil fuels for power generation by 2035, to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris agreement, a new analysis has found.”

And in August, Biden signed an order that half of all new vehicles be electric by 2030. Of course, nowhere is there any real data explaining how this will be possible, considering the loss of fossil fuel energy. It won’t be possible, unless you’re in China.

About a year ago America was energy independent for the first time in modern history. And within the space of less than two years, we’ve gone from independence under Trump, to Biden groveling and begging our enemies in OPEC to open the spigot for us. You know, because America is too busy shutting down oil pipelines and shuttering coal-fired energy plants.

OPEC told him to s**t in his hat and go away. They’ve already moved on from America and have instead struck deals with – who else? – China.

Because of the stupidity of the green agenda, there has been and continues to be enormous political pressure to close down those evil environment-killing coal-fired power plants. So much so that there are only 20 left in the entire Western U.S., compared to 49 just a decade ago.

In 2010, coal plants accounted for almost half of America’s electricity. Today it’s down to 25% and shrinking fast.

Meanwhile China, who doesn’t give a crap about the green agenda or any “climate accord,” is building coal plants like crazy.

As we in America look forward to mimicking life in California with its rolling brown and blackouts, China put an additional 38.4 gigawatts (GW) of new coal-fired power capacity into operation in 2020 alone. That’s more than three times the rest of the world combined.

Additionally, “nearly all of the 60 new coal plants planned across Eurasia, South America and Africa – 70 gigawatts of coal power in all – are financed almost exclusively by Chinese banks.”

The Chinese will continue, as they have been, providing hollow promises to leftist morons of the West, about green energy and lessening their carbon footprint – all the while pushing forward in their bid to control most of the energy sector worldwide.

All the nations that derive their electricity from plants financed by China will be beholden to them, and America, instead of groveling before OPEC, will be forced to bow to the CCP.

As long as we allow the radical green agenda to drive our energy policy, this will be our future.

As Glenn Beck says, “Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.”

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