Greetings from the other side of the ash heap

If God couldn’t surprise us, would he really be God? (Ol’ irreverent boy ducks rocks and bottles tossed at him.)

Put another way, have your thought processes exhausted the options God has open to Him to act? As I recall, God has already told us “My thoughts are not your thoughts …”

How could they be? God lives outside of time, distance and perhaps even eternity, itself. Much of humanity is ready to accept that aliens have the solutions to the world’s problems, yet they ignore the One who – should aliens exist – created them, just like He created us.

It’s all well and good to read and memorize Scripture. Yet the reason God speaks to us in the Bible is to impart His view of us, our world and the cosmos. Reading and memorizing Scripture can easily bypass the crucial step of understanding what is being said and what it means to us.

The understanding that develops from our Bible reading may be our own, which we call theology. Or it may be God’s view, which we call revelation. Most churches get their pastors from theology schools. Those pastors teach what they have learned. What does that say about most churches’ understanding of God?

If we limit ourselves to human understanding, even from the best minds, we limit ourselves to human solutions, implemented in the natural world. Think about that. God already has a solution, waiting to solve our problem. He’s just waiting for us to ask. Knowing about God doesn’t help you here. You have to know God. That is the relationship He calls us to. God wants us to entwine our will with His will. Thus we can ask of His wisdom, and receive in His mercy and goodness.

Or we can do our best by ourselves. That’s why it is so self-destructive to populate schools, governments, industry, churches, entertainment, media and families with godless people, or those who adhere to man-made religions. Perhaps the apostle James was onto something: “If anyone lacks wisdom, you should ask God. …”

If all we are building is a bigger ash heap, we don’t need God or His wisdom. We can do that entirely by ourselves. We have no need of any help from God.

Thanks. But I’d prefer to ask God. His results always seem to work out better.

How many Christians in the world are overdosing on fear porn, day in and day out, generated by the once-trusted, but long ago co-opted news networks in this country? Why would any sane person listen to professional liars to learn what is going on in their world? All such nonsense does is grow the ash heap in your own backyard. Pretty soon your ash heap grows to the point where you can’t see anything beyond it. Are we there yet?

If you like the view on your side of the ash heap, just keep on shoveling. But do keep in mind that your ash heap blinds you to God’s work outside your own backyard. God takes covenant very seriously. If He doesn’t, how do you explain the resurrection of Israel as a modern state? How do you explain Noah, after the flood? How do you explain Nineveh, where because of that city’s repentance, God also repented of the destruction He was going to do to them? In fact, how do you explain Jesus, the cross and the resurrection? Are they all just stories? Or did they really happen, to real people, living in our real world, at the hand of a supernatural God?

If you keep shoveling the ashes of your dreams onto the ash heap in your backyard, you will be overwhelmed and blinded to what God is doing in our world, working within the supernatural realm, to bring about change in the natural realm in which we live.

If you prefer the ash heap of your own construction, just keep shoveling. Soon that will be your entire world. You’ll be separated from what God is doing in the larger world. That’s a choice. Choose wisely.

Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol. IV of the Armageddon Story, will be out within the next two weeks.

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