Group supporting Pelosi's riot hearings also wanted leniency for firebombers


One of the groups working to promote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s televised hearings in which Democrats apparently will try to convince the American public that President Trump should be held responsible for the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol is the same group that lobbied for lenience for two firebombers who attacked in New York.

A report at the Federalist cites the work of a group called Demand Progress to promote Pelosi’s partisan committee’s work and her agenda.

After all, there’s no secret about her desire to inflict damage on President Trump. She orchestrated two failed impeach-and-remove attempts against him, including one after he left office and no longer could be impeached.

The report explained the group, a part of the extremist Sixteen Thirty Fund, is identified as a a partner organization for January 6 “Watch Events” being orchestrated to promote Thursday’s televised hearing by Pelosi’s committee.

But it was that same group that was part of an effort to obtain lenience for Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, who pleaded guilty recently to firebombing a police vehicle in Brooklyn in May 2020, the report noted.

The website for the event promoting Pelosi’s agenda said, “We need to make sure these hearings break through the busy news cycle and reach the American public. We cannot allow Trump Republicans to successfully cover up one of the greatest attacks ever planned against American’s freedom to decide who governs in our name!”

The No. 1 “watch party” will be in Washington and promoters have announced they will hand out free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The committee has hired a former television executive to help orchestrate its messaging.

But Demand Progress also joined in a statement regarding the firebombers, claiming at the time, “The Trump administration is wielding the punitive force of this system against Colin and Urooj, who are black and South Asian, respectively, in order to chill popular protest against the unjust status quo. We call for the immediate release of Colin and Urooj on bail and for the federal government to drop these excessive charges,” the coalition letter said.

Later, Demand Progress itself took to social media to repeat its demands that the firebombers be given special treatment.

The report noted Mattis and Rahman pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in a plea bargain in which prosecutors requested maximum prison terms of two years.

The Federalist reported, “Demand Progress’ about-face on criminal prosecution over civil unrest marks another episode of endless double standards for political violence. Democrats on Thursday will pursue wall-to-wall coverage of the events on Jan. 6, 2021 after spending the entire summer and fall preceding the Capitol riot normalizing violent uprisings when it served their cause.”

Matt Schlapp, of the American Conservative Union, told The Federalist, “This is more proof that socialist Democrats don’t care about rioting. They want to put on a show to attempt to distract from their failures.”

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