Happy Independence Day! Thank you, Founding Fathers

Our War for Independence in the 1770s brought about the birth of an independent America. While BLM, liberals and Critical Race Theory claim that our founding should be “canceled” because the United States was founded by white racists, they neglect the fact that the Americas were under the control of England, France and Spain prior to 1776, during the time slaves were first brought to America. They neglect the fact that the vast majority of Americans did not own slaves. They neglect the fact that black tribes in Africa captured and sold other blacks to the slave traders and that many of those slave traders were also black, like the family of Kamala Harris.

The American Revolution was different from other revolutions. Typically, revolutions involve the overthrow of oppressive governments by people who are poor, starving, uneducated, many in prisons. Then those overthrown governments are replaced by new tyrants who then also exploit the poor, starving masses. They are revolutions by people who had nothing to lose, revolutions for survival as in China, Russia, Cuba, France, Venezuela, Mexico and many countries in Africa.

But the revolution by the American colonies was just the opposite. It was a revolution about ideology, not survival, a revolution led by wealthy, educated, white men for independence and self-rule. They had everything to lose. They were men who understood that true freedom comes from independence and self-sufficiency. Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Henry. “Give me liberty or give me death.” Rather than a revolution for survival, the War for Independence was for self-determination. Our Founding Fathers risked all, pledging their lives and fortunes, for an ideology, for independence.

In 1776, the American colonies were much like a teenager leaving the security of home to be independent – brave and self-assured.

We Americans are still fighting that revolution, against globalists, bureaucrats, the deep state and oligarchs who want us to depend on government for our rights, to depend on the world for commerce, to depend on the ruling elite for jobs and to depend on deep-state bureaucrats for food, clothing and shelter. Our Founding Fathers were clear that our rights are from God, the Creator and Supreme Judge, and not from men, that those rights are “unalienable,” that no one can take them away, and that our natural mission is to be independent, not interdependent, not codependent, but independent … to be free.

The founders understood that the freedoms of religion, speech and assembly were the cornerstones of a free society and that the freedom to own guns for defense was the insurance for the survival of those cornerstones. Independence. Not dependence.

Independence is our heritage, the heritage of Americans, the heritage of the nation. Happy Independence Day!

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

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