Harris: Lookin' for 'root causes' in all the wrong places

Two school teachers wrote a country music song rejected by 20 other artists before being recorded by Johnny Lee in 1980. Lines from the chorus of “Lookin’ for Love” go:

I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places
Lookin’ for love in too many faces
Searchin’ their eyes
Lookin’ for traces
Of what I’m dreamin’ of …

For those unfamiliar with the song, the singer’s true love is eventually found. Having looked too hard for it, love simply “came a knockin'” at his heart’s door and was everything he had “been lookin’ for.” He ultimately acknowledges, “There’s no more lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.”

Country songs tell a story, sometimes sad but nonetheless fairly easy to follow. “Lookin’ for Love” could well serve as a blueprint for Vice President Kamala Harris’ sad tale about her search in all the wrong places for the “root causes” of massive illegal immigration waves crossing over our southern borders. This is especially so due to a new study, just released as she returned from her trip to Central America’s Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) and Mexico.

Harris felt sufficient expertise to declare before embarking on this trip that one root cause – obvious to her but mysteriously never mentioned before by previous administrations – is climate change. That “cause” clearly seeks to promote support at home for Democrats’ Green New Deal initiative. Chastised by critics for not visiting the border to see firsthand what was going on, Harris suggested that was not in her job description despite being the purported “border czar.” She claims this despite Biden having appointed her in March with responsibility for “stemming the migration” and puffing her as the “most qualified” person to handle the border crisis. But Harris made it clear her focus is just on root causes, requiring she visit leaders of the Northern Triangle countries and Mexico.

While physically visiting the border might cause Harris to admit illegal migration waves are driven not necessarily by foreign factors but more by domestic ones, discussion of this issue is taboo as she continuously dodges answering questions about such a visit. In one interview, she falsely claimed, “We’ve been to the border,” without any further explanation as to whom “we” referred. Her official first trip outside the U.S. supposedly was to seriously strategize with foreign leaders, exploring both the “why” of illegal immigration to America and the “how” of stopping it.

The visit was described as “rocky” from the outset. Even liberal-leaning journalist Geraldo Rivera described Harris’ foreign affairs debut as “catastrophic,” undermining her credibility as a leader. He himself did not need to go to these countries to determine the root causes, saying he knows what they are – “the governments there are inept, self-serving and corrupt.”

Harris was met with protest signs in Guatemala telling her to go home and that President Donald Trump had really won the 2020 election. Before her arrival, the Guatemalan president had already indicated he did not buy into the illegal immigration/climate change argument, placing blame squarely on the policies of President Joe Biden. He stated the obvious – he and Harris “are not on the same side of the coin” concerning immigration and that Biden owns the illegal immigrant surge, having welcomed them after Trump left office.

Additionally, illegals outside the Northern Triangle – Haitians and Venezuelans – are also coming across our borders in droves now. It is causing millions of dollars to be spent on expanding facilities to house them.

In a speech Harris gave, she really made no bombshell revelations, drumming up some obvious root causes that really made the whole trip unnecessary as any high school student, doing a little bit of research, could have identified them. These included crime and corruption as well as promoting the Democrats’ climate change party line. Despite noting corruption, unsurprisingly, her solution was for the U.S. to send millions of dollars in aid and investment to these countries. This flies in the face of the fact such cash injections have never curbed illegal immigration in the past, as Biden supposedly learned when vice president under Barack Obama.

In her speech, Harris strangely issued a stark warning to undocumented migrants not to enter the U.S. This was strange not only due to Biden’s open border policy but by Harris claiming later she has always been an “advocate for immigrants – documented and undocumented.” This suggests her “warning” for illegals not to come was given with a wink and a nod.

It is doubtful Harris made friends within the Guatemalan government as it has been suggested a less publicized Harris objective was to silently pave the way to topple the conservative government there in favor of a socialist one. Interestingly, this is just the opposite approach the U.S. sought to accomplish by supporting a violent 1973 coup in Chile – at the time moving toward Cuba under socialist Salvatore Allende – to bring Gen. Augusto Pinochet to power, who was envisioned then as hopefully becoming an enlightened dictator, ultimately leading the country to democracy.

A study by the Borders, Trade and Immigration Institute (BTI) has determined the unlikeliness Central American countries can boost their economies sufficiently to discourage illegal migration to the U.S. The lure for Northern Triangle border crossers is a tenfold increase in income, undermining any significant income increases their countries can generate. Thus, welcoming illegals and curtailing deportations in the U.S. only worsens the surge.

Additionally, these countries have become dangerously dependent on such migration because the immigrants send a great deal of cash back home. This, in turn, causes what is known economically as “Dutch disease” – a negative affliction on individual countries’ export markets, further depressing their economies. Thus, actually cutting off cash flow, rather than pouring in financial aid, forces economic self-expansion upon them.

While an administration official summed up Harris’ trip saying the economy, food insecurity and “long-standing damage from weather events such as hurricanes” were all factors, the BTI study states these explanations are all problematic. Harris will be unhappy to learn the study found little evidence weather impacts migration decisions – the overwhelming reason clearly being economic opportunity for those not having valid asylum claims.

Harris has been looking for her root causes in all the wrong places. The singer above, having finally discovered his love, croons, “I’ll bless the day I discover, Another heart lookin’ for love.” Harris can discover her “love” – if the root causes of the surge are really what she is “dreamin’ of” – by simply reading the BTI report, recognizing the border crisis is a self-inflicted Biden crisis.

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