Have you asserted your religious exemption to the vaccine yet?

The current stage in the elites’ attempt to create a Global Socialist Slave-State is “Vaccine Passports,” meant to pressure everyone to “voluntarily” comply with the “recommendation” that we all submit to being injected with one or the other of the so-called “vaccines,” which are actually not true vaccines but reckless experimental genetic “therapy.”

They are ramping this up by limiting freedom for people who decline to be “vaccinated,” starting with the cruise industry, which is so desperate for an end to the lockdowns that they have little will to resist CDC vaccine mandates. Unlike the “essential” airlines that have continued to operate through the plandemic, the U.S. cruise industry is especially vulnerable since it has been totally shut down – and it’s customer base of travel-loving people are among the most eager to resume their lifestyle of going places.

My wife and I first discovered the joy of cruising when I had a very active law practice in California. I did family law for income and constitutional law for ministry. My family law practice (the way I ran it – working to save the marriages and reconcile the families) was also a ministry, but its emotional demands were so taxing that when it came time for vacation I wanted complete separation from work and decided to try a cruise because, frankly, there was no way clients could reach me.

Just one short cruise was all it took to hook us for life, and ever since we have chosen ship travel whenever it has been possible – and learned how to do it less expensively than other methods of travel. As Anne’s health and mobility has deteriorated over the years, the wisdom of this preference has been increasingly validated. And since the internet allows me to run my ministry from anywhere, we’ve traveled by ship to and from many foreign mission fields, with no interruption of my internet-based writing, research and consulting tasks. On the contrary, I’ve always done my best work while traveling.

About a dozen years ago we started organizing shipboard Bible studies for fellow passengers, which opened up an incredible new ministry and some of the best fellowship we have ever experienced – bringing together believers from all parts of the world and every variation of Christian background.

I had developed my own style of Bible study while in law school in the 1990s, which functions largely as a Holy Spirit sensitive, Bible-centered Christian discussion group. In 2008 my daily morning Bible study in this format became the cornerstone of our inner-city mission in Springfield, Massachusetts, that is still thriving today. My professional background in facilitating Christian mediation sessions and recovery meetings, combined with a long experience working with people from very diverse denominational perspectives around the world – and my own theology of “unity in the essentials, tolerance in all else” – makes this my optimal format for ministry anywhere, but is especially well suited for cruise ships. Invariably, we would quickly overflow whatever space the staff designated for us, and several times led to ship-wide church services.

One of my favorite cruise ministry memories was an impromptu Sunday service in the ship’s largest bar, featuring an opening prayer by a very elderly Gideon, an a cappella choir of Mennonites, a moving personal testimony from a sister from Boston and a sizable audience of secular bar patrons for my sermon – that got several of them to come forward and thank us afterward. Our diverse congregation of passengers from about a dozen countries thought it was one of the best services they had ever been a part of. On another ship, some members of the crew learned about our study and got permission for Anne and I to do a service for them – deep in the bowels of the ship where passengers are usually not allowed.

All that is to emphasize my personal dismay at the rising “Vaccine Passport” tyranny – which has motivated me to organize fellow Christian cruisers to push back against it by leveraging our combined economic clout. With the travel-oriented industries being so eager to get back to business, NOW is the time for demanding concessions from them and helping the cause of liberty for everyone.

Fortuitously, the early discussions about Vaccine Passports being reported in the news include talk about religious exemptions – but the anti-Christian Woke Gestapo are certain to try to shut this down.

In 2020, my First Century Bible Church anticipated the need for Christians to exercise their right of religious exemption by publishing our “Declaration and Doctrine of First Century Bible Church on Government Health Mandates Including Vaccines” and establishing a registry for Christians to document their sincerely held religious objection to mandatory vaccines. It is the official doctrine of our church, which we also allow non-members to officially align with. We help people to document their doctrinal belief before they get into a situation where a government or business attempts to mandate their compliance with a tyrannical health policy. (To be clear, we do not guarantee that the tyrants will honor your religious rights just because you have registered with us, but it strengthens your case.)

That registry (which all believers, families and even whole congregations are welcome to use) is a defensive measure. But I’m now going on the offense by organizing a Bible Study Cruise Network (BSCN) which you may join by email request to [email protected]. All are welcome to join with no obligation of any kind. We will form an email group to discuss the matter further amongst ourselves. Once in the group, you’ll have a say in which dates/destinations/packages we look more closely at, and get a chance to sign up for whatever cruise or cruises we go with – at cost, at the group rate.

We have a patriotic Christian travel agent who will start cruise-shopping for the BSCN, emphasizing to the cruise companies that we require them to honor our right of religious exemption from vaccine mandates if they want our business. If we act now at this critical juncture, we might literally, with God’s help, steer the travel-industry ship away from the dangerous shoals of government health tyranny for the benefit of everyone.

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